How Do You Reload a Pricing Gun?

To reload a price pistol, a new label roll and scissors are required. After trimming and cutting a segment of labels, the roll is fed into the price gun and the printing quality is verified. The duration of the process is around ten minutes.

Take off the labels on the roll.

From the label roll, remove a 10-inch strip. Remove any labels from the strip so that the paper is visible. Cut the end of the strip with scissors to create an equal edge.

Insert the roll of labels into the dispenser.

Open the dispenser and remove the leftover label roll from the previous roll. Replace the old label roll with the new label roll. Place the roll so that the relaxed paper is on the top.

Join the backing paper.

Hold down the pricing gun’s trigger and insert the backing paper into the opening above the label roll until it pushes through the pricing gun’s front. Place the beginning of the paper under the plastic strip and pull the trigger to release additional paper. To feed paper into the price gun, insert it into the slot near the bottom and pull the trigger.

Verify that the labels print correctly

Pull the pricing gun’s trigger until the labels begin to emerge. If label printing issues occur, reload the label roll.

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