How Do You Replace Dymo LetraTag Ink?

There is no need to replace Dymo LetraTag ink because the machine does not use ink. Instead, thermal transfer printing is used. Simply replace the machineโ€™s batteries or clean the print head with the included cleaning wand if the print appears to be fading. If the print is still fading, ensure that the cassette is properly inserted into the slot.

Personal label makers by Dymo LetraTag are portable and appropriate for home and business use. Before printing, a graphic LCD display screen displays up to 13 characters, the font, and effects. It prints on LetraTag labels, which are available in paper, iron-on, magnetic, plastic, and metallic varieties. The label maker itself features a magnetic holder for simple wall mounting and an ABC keyboard instead of the standard QWERTY layout.

LetraTag provides two-line printing with 195 characters. There are five font sizes, seven print styles, and eight box styles available. It contains a date stamp, a memory for nine labels, and the ability to print in English, French, and Spanish. Thermal printing eliminates the requirement for ribbons, toner cartridges, and ink. The LetraTag is powered by four AA batteries and an AC adapter, and it includes a 1/2-inch transparent label cassette, a 1/2-inch paper label cassette, and a warranty card.

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