How Do You Track Thirty-One Orders?

To track a Thirty-One order, open the email you got when the order shipped telling you that the order has shipped. Click the link that says “Track my UPS package(s)” to see the latest information about where your package is.

If you can’t find your shipment confirmation email or if your consultant placed the order for you, contact your consultant and ask him to look up the tracking information for you. If you had a show, the name of your consultant is on your Hostess Summary or Guests Order Summary. You can also call Thirty-One at 1-866-443-8731 or send an email to ordersupport@thirtyonegifts.com to talk to them directly. You can also fill out the form on the ThirtyOneGifts.com/Contact-Us/ page.

Once you get your order, you have 90 days to get in touch with your consultant if it doesn’t meet your needs. You can only return personalised items if there is a problem with how they were made or if Thirty-One thinks it is a good idea. If the item was bought with a gift certificate, the refund will also come in the form of a gift certificate. If you buy an item as part of a monthly special and then decide to return it, but you no longer meet the minimum purchase amount, you will be charged the full price of the item.

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