How Do You Write an Interview Summary?

To write a summary of an interview, give the reader a summary of what was said in the interview. Write about the big ideas you talked about and briefly mention anything surprising that came up.

Write a beginning.

In the beginning, tell your readers what they need to know about the interview. Name and position of the subject. Tell him why you talked to him and what you plan to do with the information you got from him.

Briefly describe it.

Write a summary of the interview in one or two paragraphs. Include general things you talked about with the person you interviewed, and touch briefly on the main points of what he said. Don’t go into a lot of detail; instead, give summary statements that give the reader an idea of the content.

Talk about the main things you learned.

Write one or two sentences about what you learned from the interview. Include only the facts or stories that are important to the interview’s goal. Talk about anything you found that surprised you in this section.

Talk about the situation

Write about what went on during the interview. Talk about how the person acted, or talk about a pattern of strange habits. Explain how the setting affected the interview if it did. Write about how the person you asked answered your questions.

Finish the summary of the interview

In three to five sentences, explain what you learned from the interview and the main things you found. Talk about how you want to use the information you got from the interview.

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