How Long Does Bulk Mail Take to Deliver?

For nationwide mailings, the United States Postal Service delivers standard bulk mail to its destination within 10 to 14 days. Four to six days is the estimated delivery time for local bulk mailings. On occasion, ordinary mail arrives sooner or later than anticipated.

Standard mail is less expensive than first class mail, making it an attractive option for mailing ads and promotional materials. Due to the slower delivery periods, ordinary mail is unsuitable for sending time-sensitive documents such as bills, invoices, legal notices, and essential letters. In order to qualify for standard mail savings in 2014, around 200 pieces of mail or 50 pounds are necessary.

Multiple actions are necessary to qualify for bulk mail discounts. The first step is to obtain a mailing permit, for which a cost must be paid. Next, select the desired postage type. Choices include a permit imprint insignia, pre-cancelled stamp or postage metre stamp. The mailing piece’s dimensions and weight should adhere to postal specifications. Another crucial step is to verify the accuracy of all addresses and sort them by postal ZIP code. Large mailings must be sent to the same post office that granted the ordinary mail permit, per postal regulations.

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