How Many Centavos Are in a Dollar?

The Spanish and Portuguese word “centavo” refers to 1/100 of a basic monetary unit. There are 15 currencies with centavo-based fractions as of 2014. To determine the value of a certain centavo, compare the value of the fundamental unit to that of the United States dollar and divide by 100.

A centavo can represent 1/100 of an Argentine peso, a Bolivian boliviano, a Brazilian real, a Nicaraguan córdoba, a Cape Verdean escudo, a Colombian peso, a Dominican peso, a Guatemalan quetzal, a Honduran lempira, a Mexican peso, a Mozambican metical, a Nicaraguan córdoba or a Philippine peso. In addition, Ecuador and East Timor utilise coins with a value of 1/100 of a U.S. dollar, which is their primary currency. The value of a centavo is determined on the type of currency and market changes.

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