How Many City Blocks Equal One Mile?

In each city, a mile is made up of a different number of city blocks. In the United States, there is no standard length for a city block, so the length of blocks varies from place to place.

To figure out how many blocks are in a mile, you need to know how big a block on average is in the city in question. Planners for cities say that blocks that are good for walking should be between 300 and 600 feet long. 5280 feet are in a mile. Using the recommended range of 300 to 600 feet, where the average is 450 feet, a mile would be 11.73 blocks.

But blocks are very different in how long they are. For example, the average city block in New York is about 750 feet long, while the average block in Philadelphia is 400 to 500 feet long and the average block in Portland, Oregon is only about 200 feet long.

So, to walk a mile in New York, you would only have to walk about 7 blocks. But not all city blocks are square, so you have to take into account which way people walk. If the width of the block in question is similar to that of a rectangular block, then the calculations need to be changed.

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