How Many Cups Are in 1 Liter?

One litre is approximately equivalent to four cups, but there are various types of cups. Depending on whether one uses metric, U.S. customary, U.S. “legal,” Canadian, Imperial, Japanese, or traditional Japanese cups, the measurement varies slightly.

Metric is the simplest conversion system. One litre is equivalent to four cups. In contrast, in the United States, 1 litre is equivalent to 4.2265283773 customary cups and 4.16666666667 legal cups. Canadian cups are slightly smaller, and one litre equals 4.3993850 Canadian cups. Imperial cups are rarely used, however one litre is equal to 3.52112676056 Imperial cups. One litre is equivalent to five of the smaller Japanese cups. And the traditional Japanese cup is considerably smaller; one litre is equivalent to 5.55555555556 traditional Japanese cups.

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