How Many Cups of Popcorn Are in a Microwave Bag?

The number of cups in a microwaveable bag of popcorn is proportional to the bag’s size. Consult the label and multiply the serving size by the number of servings in the bag to determine the answer.

For instance, ACT II 94 percent fat-free microwaveable popcorn is packaged in 2.71-ounce packets. The label provides the nutritional information for a single serving of 6.5 cups, with the entire container being two servings. That indicates the package contains thirteen cups of popcorn.

If reading a label for a package containing multiple bags, further computations may be required. A box having 12 bags of equal size may indicate that it contains 24 servings of 6.5 cups each. As there are two servings in each of the 12 bags, the cups must be multiplied by two in order to compute the number of cups in a bag.

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