How Many Gallons Are in 35 Pounds of Peanut Oil?

The pound is a unit of weight, while the gallon is a unit of volume. So, even though both pounds and gallons are part of the imperial system, you can’t just turn one into the other. To convert pounds to gallons, you need to know how heavy the thing being measured is. About 0.91 grammes per millilitre of peanut oil is how dense it is. There are 4.6 gallons in 35 pounds of peanut oil.

One pound is equal to 450 grammes. To convert pounds to grammes, multiply the number of pounds by 450. 35 pounds times 450 = 15875.7 grammes. For density, you divide the mass by the volume. Weight is also called mass. Divide the mass by the density of the material to get the volume. 15875.7 grammes / 0.91 grammes per millilitre = 17445.82 millilitres. In 35 pounds of peanut oil, there are 17445.82 millilitres of peanut oil. About 4000 millilitres are in one gallon.

To get the answer in gallons instead of millilitres, divide the number of millilitres by 4000. 17445.

When you divide 82 millilitres by 4,000, you get 4.6 pounds. So, 35 pounds of peanut oil is about the same as 4.6 gallons of peanut oil. When the temperature goes up, the density of the oil goes down, which means that the volume of the oil goes up. For every 15 degrees Celsius that the temperature goes up, the volume of oils will go up by 1% of their total volume.

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