How Many Grams Does a Quarter Weigh?

A U.S. quarter-dollar coin made after 1964 weighs 5.670 grammes, or 0.200 ounces. Since it was first made in 1796, the weight of the quarter has changed a little bit.

According to the Mint Act of 1792, the first quarters were made of copper and weighed 6.74 grammes, or 0.24 ounces. From 1796 to 1838, these coins were made. The coins that came after them were changed so that they contained more silver. They ranged in weight from 6.68 to 6.22 grammes, or 0.23 to 0.22 ounces. Between 1892 and 1964, quarters were made. They weigh 6.25 grammes, or 0.22 ounces, and have different designs and metal contents.

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