How Many Ounces Are There in 750 Ml?

When millilitres are changed into ounces, 750 ml is equal to about 25.4 fluid ounces. The metric system uses millilitres, while the US and imperial systems use ounces.

The most common size for wine and liquor bottles is 750 ml, but you can also buy them in 1 L and 1.5 L sizes. Even though the bottles are measured with the metric system, most drink recipes in the U.S. are made with ounces. Bartenders need to convert to ounces to figure out how many drinks a bottle will make.

A standard glass of wine is 5 ounces, so a standard 750 ml bottle has enough wine for about five standard glasses. A typical mixed drink, like vodka and tonic, has 1.5 ounces of spirits. This means that a 750 ml bottle has enough alcohol for about 17 mixed drinks.

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