How Many Ounces Are There in a Can of Soda?

In the United States, a can of soda usually contains 12 ounces. Soda comes in different ounce sizes and different sized cans.

Cans of drinks come in different sizes, and some countries put beer, cider, and energy drinks in bigger cans. For instance, energy drinks in Australia come in 500-ml containers, which is the same as a 16.9-oz. can.

In the United States and many other places, a standard beverage can holds 355 ml, or 12 oz. Most companies that sell soda in cans use a container that holds 12 ounces. But companies that make cans for drinks offer a wide range of sizes for the global market. North American standard sizes for beverage cans range from 5.5 oz to 32 oz. There are 11 different sizes on the list.

Mini cans, which are about two-thirds the size of a regular can, are sold by a number of soda companies. The traditional can holds 355 ml, while a mini can only holds 222 ml. Coca-Cola was one of the first drink companies to offer the mini can. They did this in 2009 to give people who wanted smaller drinks a choice. Since the mini can for Coca-Cola seems to have been a hit, other name-brand and store-brand sodas are also available in mini cans.

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