How Much Does a 4 X 8 Sheet of Drywall Weigh?

How much a sheet of drywall weighs depends on how thick it is, what brand it is, and what type it is. A standard sheet of drywall that is 4 feet by 8 feet and 1/2 inch thick weighs about 52 pounds. Green board, which is drywall that doesn’t absorb water, weighs about the same as regular drywall.

You can figure out how much a sheet of drywall weighs by multiplying the number of square feet by how much drywall weighs per square foot. One square foot of drywall that is 1/2 inch thick weighs about 1.6 pounds, while drywall that is 5/8 inch thick weighs about 2.31 pounds per square foot on average. Since 2010, a popular choice has been ultralight drywall. This drywall can weigh up to 30 percent less than regular drywall.

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