How Much Money Does a Hotel Owner Make?

How involved a hotel owner wants to be with her business is a big factor in how much money she makes. The hotel’s owner could hire herself as the general manager. CNN Money says that top hotel general managers can make between $150,000 and $250,000 a year, depending on where the hotel is and how well it does.

As the owner of the hotel, you have a lot of power over how the business is run. Many big hotels get too big for their owners to be able to run on their own. Smaller boutique hotels might not only be able to make it, but they might also benefit from having an owner-manager who works full-time and gets paid for it.

In this case, the owner works for the company, so it’s important to think about the tax laws in your area. Some places don’t tax personal income, which makes working for yourself at a hotel a good idea. Even though there is a personal income tax, the money paid to employees is taken into account for the hotel’s taxes. This makes it easier for the government to pay taxes as a whole.

Depending on how big the hotel is, the general manager has a lot of different jobs to do. In smaller hotels, the owner-manager may be able to take care of the daily needs of the building on their own, but in larger hotels and resorts, the owner-manager will likely need a management support staff.

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