How Technological Advancements Help Sales Professionals

Technology plays a key role in many industries and has successfully improved how sales professionals complete their tasks.

Sales technology usually comes in software as a service (SaaS) tool, allowing sales professionals to automate data entry, enrich leads, create proposals, track, and email prospects, and conduct reporting.

A salesperson can leverage the data to identify more leads and use the knowledge to convert the leads into customers.

According to a report, 73 percent of sales professionals use sales technology to close more deals as it offers them a competitive edge.

Whether you are a sales manager looking to boost productivity at your company or a salesperson seeking a new position, it’s important to learn more about how technological advancements can help sales professionals.

Boost Lead Conversion

Lead conversion is the marketing strategy of turning a lead into a customer. It involves different forms of marketing practices that encourage customers to make a purchase.

Converting leads is one of the most crucial tasks for sales professionals, and technology can simplify the process.

Technology enables sales professionals to better use various tools, such as social media platforms and email hunters, to find new leads.

Some pieces of sales technologies that can be helpful are CRM (customer relationship management, email tracking, and LinkedIn.

Other ways to boost lead conversion involve social media post automation, chatbots, cloud computing, and robust CRM platforms.

Clients often require continuous interaction for lead conversion, and these tools allow sales professionals to stay in touch with potential customers without dedicating a specific time slot to each individual.

These tools also allow sales professionals to analyze large volumes of consumer data to improve their selling process.

Eliminate Time-consuming Tasks

Sales professionals spend a significant amount of their time manually completing tasks.

A key advantage of technology is that it offers the tools to automate key tasks, such as note-taking, researching customers, following up with customers, approvals, and updating campaigns or sales initiatives.

Automation allows sales professionals to free up time spent on completing tedious tasks.

They can allocate the saved time towards generating and converting leads or use it to avoid burnout. A 2022 study found that almost 90 percent of sellers feel burned out from work.

According to the survey, one of the key sources of burnout is the high burden of non-value-added administrative tasks.

The good news is companies that invest in technology to boost automation can help their employees avoid burnout and improve morale at work.

Streamline the Hiring Process

In addition to helping sales professionals effectively perform their tasks, technology also helps them land sales positions.

Looking for a job and going through the application process can be overwhelming for many, but technology offers various tools and programs to streamline the process and help applicants get closer to their dream job.

Some helpful tools are niche job boards that feature postings catered to a specific industry and networking platforms that allow sales professionals to connect with others in the industry.

Technology also allows recruitment firms to better assist job seekers and employers looking to fill a vacancy in their company.

Experienced firms like Sales Talent Agency use technology to fulfill hiring tasks and match employers with suitable candidates for a job.

For example, they use their sizeable virtual database to add names and details of jobseekers and use them when employers need to fill a role, and they have completed 13,000 recruitment projects over the years.

Technology has continuously evolved, allowing them to use the latest tools and software to identify candidates and complete thorough screening procedures.

Sales professionals are responsible for a wide range of tasks, and technology can help improve task management through better lead conversion, task automation, and improved hiring processes.

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