How to boost student engagement with graphic design

Most people in the world are visual learners. In fact, in psychological studies, people retain only 10-12% of the information they process through words or spoken word. When graphics were introduced, they retained 83% more information, even after several days!

In the classroom, graphics are for more than just retention; they’re also used for engagement. Students are easily bored, and colorful images and great graphics do wonders to keep students entertained and engaged in the lesson. Because graphics are so important in the classroom, it’s essential for teachers to understand basic graphic design principles. Here are five ways teachers can use graphic design to make the classroom a more engaging and educational place.

How to boost student engagement with graphic design
How to boost student engagement with graphic design

Stay organized (but in a fun way!)

Timetables are a staple in any classroom. They help both teachers and students stay on track with lesson plans, weekly events, class schedules, and more! If you want your school timetables to match the colorful decoration of your classroom, a school timetable template from PosterMyWall is a great start.

Since you’re busy planning lessons, you might not have time to design timetables from scratch. By using a free class timetable template, you can simply choose the template that best fits your classroom, input your information, and you’re ready to print. PosterMyWall templates are a great starting point for all kinds of graphics, including school timetables.

All PosterMyWall templates are completely customizable, so you can throw in your own creative touches to really personalize your creations. It’s the best way to get professionally designed timetables and other custom graphics without needing professional skills (or time).

Make learning fun with infographic posters

You have to cover a lot of information in class, but walls of text and handouts that look like novels aren’t exactly engaging for students. If you want to encourage your students to pay attention to the information, why not make the information fun!?

Infographic posters merge information with images to boost retention rates. You don’t just have bullet points or paragraphs explaining the information; you can add cartoons, colorful decorations, or other clipart images to help students remember the information covered.

Design infographic posters about long-running classroom themes and post them around the room. That way, the students will see them every day, making it more likely they’ll recall the information later.

Boost engagement with well-designed slideshows

Your students can’t learn everything they need to know from a couple of well-placed infographic posters. Teachers can also use their graphic design skills to make teaching materials like slideshows more engaging.

Instead of using plain, boring, black-and-white slideshows, add some color and shape to boost student engagement. Not only can you make your slideshows more colorful and fun, but you can also add other images and infographics into your slideshows to help boost retention rates. Remember, when you mix all types of learning (text, speech, and images), your students are more likely to recall the information for a longer period of time after the lesson.

Add graphics to handouts, worksheets, quizzes, and homework

Homework and handouts aren’t inherently fun or engaging. It’s just work! However, when you add colors, shapes, and images, students are more likely to engage and possibly even enjoy the work you give them!

For example, instead of just saying “I have five watermelons, and someone takes two; how many do I have left,” you can use your graphic design skills to actually add a cartoon of a person with five watermelons, helping students visualize the problem and better understand the math behind it.

Help your students showcase their creativity

You understand the importance of graphic design in the classroom, so why not pass that knowledge on to your students. Graphic design is a great way for students to showcase their creativity and hone their skills, especially with easy-to-use tools like PosterMyWall.

Let your students build their own posters and infographics. Not only does this help them show off their creativity and practice their computer skills, but teachers can also use this method to test students’ comprehension. Ask your students to make a fun, colorful poster about the water cycle, and see if they really understood your last lesson!

Plus, when the project is over, you can hang the student-made posters around your classroom, helping other students retain the information even farther. Win, win! These graphic design and creativity skills will no doubt help students down the road when they need to design projects for future classes, college, and even business proposals later in life. It’s a valuable (and fun) skill to learn!

Graphic design is a teacher’s best friend

When it comes to designing visual aids for your classroom, it’s important to have the proper graphic design skills to make your handouts, presentations, and posters as engaging as possible to increase both fun and retention rates.

Luckily, there are plenty of graphic design aides to help you create engaging content without taking up your very valuable time or even requiring professional graphic design skills. Using templates from platforms like PosterMyWall to help design your classroom timetables, infographics, slideshows, and handouts is a great way to generate professional-level content without requiring professional-level skills. Plus, they’re easy enough for your students to use! Take your classroom to the next level with your amazing graphic design abilities.


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