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How to catch Tranquill in Pokemon GO

How to catch Tranquill in Pokemon GO
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How to catch Tranquill in Pokemon GO

Tranquill is the second evolution of Pidove and may be obtained in varied methods in Pokemon GO.

This Regular/Flying-type Pokemon isn’t as elusive as another creatures in Pokemon GO. It does take some endurance and, in fact, a little bit of luck when it comes to capturing one.


As soon as caught, although, it may possibly make an awesome companion for Pokemon GO trainers. Its max CP is just under the cap for the GO Battle League’s Nice League. The twin-typing additionally offers it a stable edge over another varieties.

How to catch Tranquill in Pokemon GO

Image via The Pokemon Company
Picture by way of The Pokemon Firm

Discovering Tranquill in the wild is fairly random, very similar to the remainder of the creatures in Pokemon GO. It could actually pop up right here and there, so gamers ought to be looking out. Nonetheless, acquiring one is healthier fitted to one of many different strategies.

The most typical means for trainers to get their palms on a Tranquill is to evolve Pidove. Pidove is pretty frequent in the wild. Participant should catch a handful and use a Pinap Berry every time to improve the quantity of Pidove Sweet earned.

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This can permit an evolution in no time, as the associated fee was decreased in 2019. It solely takes 12 Candies in Pokemon GO to evolve Pidove into Tranquill. After that, 50 extra Candies can be utilized to evolve Tranquill into Unfezant.

The opposite technique is taking part in Raids. At present, Tranquill will seem in 3-Star Raids. Gamers should keep in mind that the Raid pool can change at any time, so do not be shocked if Tranquill stops showing in them sooner or later.

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To battle in a Pokemon GO Raid, trainers will want a Raid Go or a Distant Raid Go. One works from the Raid’s location, and the latter permits trainers to battle in the Raid from afar.

Tranquill is weak to Ice, Electrical, and Rock-type assaults. Gamers ought to use that information to put together a staff for the Raid. Defeat Tranquill alone or with different trainers, and a chance to catch it should come up.

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