How to Connect one phone to Multiple Bluetooth Speakers and Headphones

How to Connect one phone to Multiple Bluetooth Speakers and Headphones
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How to Connect one phone to Multiple Bluetooth Speakers and Headphones

How to Connect one phone to Multiple Bluetooth Speakers and Headphones

Many times there is a need to connect more than one device to the Bluetooth present in the smartphone, in which case disconnecting from one device and connecting to another device. So today we are going to tell how to connect two devices at a time to bluetooth.

To achieve surround sound effects or to share music on another device in the same place, a wire system has to be used, which requires an audio splitter. But now with the help of Bluetooth, such multiple connections (more than 1 connection) can be created. To connect multiple Bluetooth speakers or headphones at the same time, first you have to check the details of the device you have.

Actually, to use the Multiple Device Connect feature, it is necessary to know the Bluetooth version. bluetooth v4.2 version supports up to 30 meters of one device at a time.

Apart from this, with the help of Bluetooth V5 version, users can connect two devices simultaneously and it supports up to 120 meters distance. Apart from this, some speakers of the company called bose available for sale in the market have their own audio app, with the help of which it helps to connect two speakers together. But not all companies provide this kind of feature.

How to Connect 2 Bluetooth Headphones and Speakers to One Phone

According to NDTV Gadget 360, most of the smartphones currently offer dual audio and audio sharing features, both on Android and iOS. With its help, it is possible to play music on two devices in real time. iPhone 8 or later update models support the audio sharing feature. Keep in mind that connecting headphones and speakers to Bluetooth for the first time, they must be connected one by one.

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Android phone users follow this process

  • Pair Bluetooth headphones or speakers one by one by going to Android phone users Bluetooth settings.
  • After this, when the devices are connected, then click on the three dots present in the top right inside the Bluetooth setting.
  • Then click on Advanced Settings. If this option isn’t already on, you’ll need to toggle on dual audio, which allows two devices to connect.

However, if you are using a phone with Android 10 OS or above, then click on Media in the Quick Panel. After that, for audio output, you can select both the paired devices and go to Connected Bluetooth devices.

iPhone users will have to access the Control Center, then tap on the Airplay icon. Paired wireless headphones or speakers have to be selected for simultaneous audio output. Deselecting either Headphones or Speakers will stop audio sharing on that device. Keep in mind that this option may be different in different smartphones.

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