How to Delete Your Search History from Google and YouTube

How to Delete Your Search History from Google and YouTube
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How to Delete Your Search History from Google and YouTube

How to Delete Your Search History from Google and YouTube

If you search such things on Google and YouTube, if no one knows, then delete search history in this way.

We all use Google Google and YouTube YouTube. Whether to get information about something or shopping. Google has become very important for everyone. Because it has an answer to every question. Also, Google has every information you search. Along with this, Google also shows other results related to what we have searched.

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On the other hand, if you talk about YouTube, you can do many things here from watching movies, songs to cooking recipes. We all usually use these two things. Whatever we search on Google and YouTube, it is saved in all the search history. If someone else uses your phone or laptop other than you, they can see what you’ve searched for. But many times we search for such things that we do not want anyone else to know. We want to delete them but we don’t know how to delete them. So let’s know how to delete the history of Google and YouTube.

How to Delete Google History
—To delete the history of Google, first you have to install Chrome on the desktop
Will have to open
After this, the option of More will be present in the top right corner, on which you will have to click.
Here you will see the option of History, on which you have to click.
After that click on History again.
—Then click on Clear browsing data appearing on the left side.
—Then a drop-down menu will appear in which you have to select when you want to delete the history. From this you have to select Time Range. In this, select one of the last hour, one day, 7 days, 4 weeks or always option. Also tick all the checkboxes.
By selecting the option, you have to tap on Clear Data given below.

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Delete youtube history like this
First of all you have to go to YouTube.
After that tap on the option of History given on the left side.
After this a page will open in front of you, in which you will see all the videos you have searched.
-Check Watch history on the right side and then click on Clear All Watch History given below.
—Then a pop-up window will open, tap on the Clear Watch History option given below. This will delete your YouTube search history.

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