How To Earn High Killstreaks Easy in Modern Warfare

How To Earn High Killstreaks Easy in Modern Warfare
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How To Earn High Killstreaks Easy in Modern Warfare

How To Earn High Killstreaks Easy in Modern Warfare

Do you aspire to improve your KD in the COD: Modern Warfare game? We will teach you how to reach the scoreboard’s top.

how to earn High Killstreaks

how to earn High Killstreaks

Playing online can be brutal. Thus you must check out some multiplayer tips and hacks from that will help you on the battlefield. The Modern warfare in COD is a call back to the game’s series from 12 years before.

As the game during that time used to have a tactical pace, it was slower, and thus that means it is entirely different from Black Ops 4. In this article, we will cover some multiplayer tips that will help you bag guaranteed wins. Besides, you will also be able to improve the KD ratio and win matches.

Chopper Gunner and Point man

You can get many killstreaks if you select the perk of point man and then acquire the chopper gunner to land many kills, real fast. You will have to be in the grind mode, and your objective will be to get confirmed kills by picking dog tags. The point-man-perk is beneficial because it will lead to the conversion of killstreaks into score-streaks. Hence you will get a higher killstreak with scores rather than your kills.

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This model is straightforward and effortless because players are close to each other, and the map is small. You can use the chopper gunner to obtain a higher number of dog tags which will enhance your killstreak score.

Increase the sensitivity gradually

COD’s Modern Warfare is a twitch shooter in the whole series, all thanks to the less time you get to kill. And, missing that shot would mean the difference between death and life! Start to increase your sensitivity slowly so that you can aim at more accurate shots and become more precise.

Smoke grenades are a blessing in disguise.

Whenever you try to sprint in an open space, you will often find yourself being cut down, especially in more prominent modes like Ground War and 10v10. Start to equip your smoke grenades, and you will have ideal cover because smokes in the game spread to a larger area.

Use the assault rifle M4A1 and 725 shotgun.

It feels pretty bold to recommend two particular guns to use. But, it would surprise many players if both these guns do not get patched. That is because, at the moment, they are the best weapons. You will land quick kills with them and will hardly miss any targets. We recommend using the overkill perk as that lets you add a 725 shotgun into the mix of two primary weapons that you can carry.

Experiment with the loadouts

There are thousands of attachment combinations from rear grips to under barrels and from optic to muzzles. After you unlock things, play around with every weapon rather than using the same gun that you may have used for the last 10+ games. Trying all weapons may help you find something that works a lot better.

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Crank up the headphones

In COD: Modern Warfare, footsteps can be thunderous. Thus, turn the headphones up, and you will be able to hear from Azhar Cave and Hackney Yard. You can trap players by making them wait for you. But, try increasing the footsteps’ volumes.

Do not walk or sprint casually through buildings or corners without glancing through the doorway first. Crouch in a corner and keep aiming at the entrance. The minute an enemy tries to come through, you can pull the trigger. When you hear footsteps, you can throw grenades.

Utilize the claymore mines

The tactics of claymore mines are the most effective. When you place them as traps, you can get great kills. The mine is an innovative weapon, and using some creative tricks; you can increase your killstreaks. Just place them beneath vehicles, shoot them at the enemies or hide them behind closed doorways. Also, try to run fast after a blast because the damage from it could kill you.


COD: Modern Warfare is all about the ratio of Kill-to-death. Hence you have to be consistent to better your winning streak. We do know that to reach that kind of a level, you have to practice every day. Remember to enjoy your time and have fun if the score is not the highest.

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