How to find Alien Containment fragments in Subnautica: Below Zero

The Alien Containment is one among the ultimate uncover additions to a participant’s execrable in Subnautica: Beneath Zero.

There are only a few objects for a execrable that players will need above all else. The moonpool, certified sources of meals and water, and the Alien Containment. These will perform the participant’s disappear grand extra simple.


The Alien Containment setting up is huge and cylindrical. It’s practically adore an aquarium. It is going to then be full of a diffusion of Subnautica: Beneath Zero fauna that has been caught or hatched.

The place to scan the Alien Containment fragments in Subnautica: Beneath Zero

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Picture by functionality of Unknown Worlds Leisure

Like many objects, autos, or execrable upgrades, Alien Containment may even be crafted as soon as a blueprint is acquired. Subnautica: Beneath Zero players need to scan fragments in some unspecified time in the way forward for the sport to launch the numerous crafting blueprints.

Thankfully, Alien Containment best has one staunch fragment that needs to be scanned. A number of different objects and power throughout the recreation each so incessantly require as rather a lot as 4 scanned fragments.

@Subnautica is there any possibility in an effort to add a hatch to the tops of alien containment? Like the underside hatch throughout the cyclops or the one throughout the precept survival secure haven.
Fairly please?
I like that it’s almost certainly you will nicely possibly additionally be a part of the tanks. and perform a ‘deep piece’ too.

— Artinthedark (@Artinthedark83) Might nicely possibly nicely 11, 2021

The scannable Alien Containment fragment that may possibly give the participant its blueprint is discovered throughout the bow of the Mercury II break. It is going to even be got here throughout spherical 250 meters beneath the ocean throughout the Lilypad Islands Biome.

Avid players will know they’ve reached this preserve in Subnautica: Beneath Zero due to it’s surrounded by Squidsharks. An A.I. direct may even stammer that the participant has reached the bow.

Image via Unknown Worlds Entertainment
Picture by functionality of Unknown Worlds Leisure

The proportion that needs to be scanned is in common the destroyed Alien Containment preserve from Mercury II. Avid players will need a laser cutter to preserve an entryway shut to the kill of the ship.

Moreover carried out ‘Subnautica: Beneath Zero’ for an eighth time. Discovered/Crafted now not now not as rather a lot as 8 contemporary objects together with the Chinese language language Potato, Alien Robotic, Spinner Fish, Pustule, Quantum Locker, Scanner Room HUD Chip, Observatory, & Architect Containment Dice. ? @Z0upss @aliembee pic.https://www.gadgetclock.com/esports/twitter.com/1lyflpldMr

— Pat Desjardins (@PatDes_) April 2, 2021

As soon as that is accomplished, two extra doorways will ought to be decrease by map of. As soon as that route has been cleared, the Alien Containment fragment shall be right there for the participant to scan and perform the blueprint.

The Habitat Builder of Subnautica: Beneath Zero is the preserve the Alien Containment shall be crafted. It is going to even be created as soon as the participant has acquired 5 objects of Glass and two Titanium.


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