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How to fix the Outriders sign-in issue on console and PC

How to fix the Outriders sign-in issue on console and PC
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How to fix the Outriders sign-in issue on console and PC

There’s an Outriders sign-in issue that has been stopping gamers from coming into the recreation, however Sq. Enix themselves have posted an answer.

Presently of the issue I’m having with the recreation is that after I register my armor on my character is Missy and after I do cross play with Xbox gamers if I resolve to go into my stock it doesn’t present My present armor or weapons that I’ve picked up in the recreation

— jasmine quarles (@jreneeq) April 3, 2021

Some Outriders gamers have been caught on the major menu and cannot appear to do something regardless of being “signed in.” This bug has turn into a widely known Outriders sign-in issue, and gamers have been making an attempt to fix it since launch. The Outriders sign-in issue primarily impacts PS4 and PS5 gamers, however it may additionally occur on different platforms.

Hello @Outriders, firstly I would love to thanks for all of your work on the points particularly over this weekend. I needed to ask if there’s a workaround or fix for the issue the place the recreation is crashing to desktop at login display screen (whereas register)?

— Nicholas Neto (@Moombasatick) April 4, 2021

An odd workaround gamers can attempt if they’re experiencing this issue has emerged, and the fix to the Outriders sign-in issue, surprisingly, got here from Sq. Enix themselves.

Reddit consumer U/thearcan is the Senior Group Supervisor working for Sq. Enix, and he has posted the resolution on their Reddit web page. Sq. Enix is the writer of the recreation, so their enter must be considered when making an attempt to resolve this issue.

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There are easy steps to resolve the Outriders sign-in issue, however they’re time-consuming.

The Senior Group Supervisor at Sq. Enix posted directions on how to fix the Outriders sign-in issue, and fortunately, it’s moderately simple to observe. These directions match what many have posted on-line. Following the steps given beneath ought to fix the Outriders sign-in issue normally.

  1. Some gamers have reported that ready for 10 minutes on the register loop ultimately works. Gamers ought to first keep on the display screen for 10 minutes to see if it really works for them.
  2. If gamers nonetheless cannot register, they want to shut Outriders and relaunch it. It could take a number of restarts to get the recreation to work accurately, however many gamers have reported that rebooting the recreation over and over mounted the issue ultimately.
  3. A full cache clear might assist as nicely. Gamers want to clear their cache earlier than beginning Outriders.
  4. On Consoles, a full cache clear is finished by energy biking the console and turning it off utterly (NOT relaxation mode). Unplug the console for a couple of minutes to guarantee there isn’t a electrical energy in the console.
  5. Strive restarting a couple of occasions once more.

These steps ought to fix any errors that come up due to the Outriders sign-in issue, as has been acknowledged by a consultant from Sq. Enix.

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