How to Make Money During Coronavirus Lockdown

How to Make Money During Coronavirus Lockdown

How to Make Money During Coronavirus Lockdown

One day we all woke up in a completely new reality for us. A reality in which there are no more cafes, bars, restaurants, workouts in the gym, and evening gatherings with friends. And you can’t run away from this either to another city or to another country. And no matter how much we suffer, locked in four walls, we need to get used to these new realities. After all, you still need to buy food, pay bills, help your family and pamper yourself with little joys in such a difficult time.

How to Make Money During Coronavirus Lockdown
How to Make Money During Coronavirus Lockdown

As you understand, we will talk about making money during the quarantine. Of course, now representatives of many professions can engage in freelancing: translators, designers, editors, programmers, and many others. But now we will talk about such types of employment, which do not require special skills or specialized education and which can be mastered in a matter of days.

1.Maintenance of social networks.

Or, as they say, more simply – SMM (Social media manager). If you are a literate, pen-fluent person, and besides, a witty person – this way of earning is ideal for you. And do not think that this work will not be in demand in our, let’s say, new reality. On the contrary, as you may have noticed, now almost all stores and food outlets have moved to work online. Accordingly, they need “promotion” in social networks. It must be relevant, creative, topical in moments.

It is possible that even with humor – modern Internet users love it very much. And then your work will have great success, which will be measured by views, likes, and reposts. Communication with the audience is also very important in the work of SMM. We can say that this is one of the most difficult parts of a social media manager’s job. After all, people are very different and not everyone may like the product offered by your employer or your presentation.

Here you need to have a lot of patience, be sure to politely respond to criticism, and understand what exactly the person did not like. After all, there is a good old saying that you should never forget about – “The client is always right».

2.Essay writing

Today, hundreds of online companies are recruiting talented authors. By registering on a service like EssayShark, you can get essay writing jobs and receive regular orders with a competitive salary. Now, there is no need to seek a client, the service will keep assigning you tasks from time to time to provide you with a constant workload. Many people prefer this method because it accumulates almost complete independence.

Plus, working on a large project will allow you to collect a pretty decent portfolio and a lot of positive recommendations. Many people are wondering if it is legal to provide an essay writing service? EssayShark is an officially registered company that provides its employees with a legal form of income. You can be convinced that working as an essay writer is completely legal with a salary sufficient for a comfortable life all over the world.

3.Online Courses

If you are an advanced pro in a particular field and can share your knowledge with others, then taking online courses is the activity for you! Their topics can be very different – proper nutrition, ways to lose weight, sports training at home, teaching foreign languages, teaching computer programs, and much more. But this area of ​​employment is more labor-intensive than the previous ones.

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In this case, you act as an independent businessman and advertiser of your services. Here, in addition to everything, you need to be both an SMM and a copywriter, because they should learn about you and want to turn to you for services. Of course, if you have a certain financial capital, then everything is easier – find a professional SMM and copywriter who will help you in your endeavor! Just employ other people in quarantine.

4.Adapt to realities

Of course, it is difficult to perceive modern reality, but many enterprising people have already managed to use it. For example, the production of medical masks, which are in short supply not only in our country but all over the world. If you might have noticed, a lot of such offers have already appeared on social networks – reusable, with prints. There are even medical masks in sizes – S, M, L, XL! And these services, by the way, are quite popular. Therefore, if you have a sewing machine at home, then you may well try yourself in this field.

5.YouTube channel

Do you know how to do something that others cannot? Then record a training video. You can upload funny videos with cats – the trend of the network. Another option is to read books aloud. Many modern book lovers prefer to listen to their favorite works before bed or while doing housework. You will kill two birds with one stone: you will read the book yourself, and make money on the video by making a recording. So offer advertisers a paid ad post option for your YouTube channel.

If there is no group, then it can be quickly created by inviting more friends and acquaintances. You don’t need bots but live, active people. You can quickly gain subscribers if the group is dedicated to some current trend. For example, you can create groups for fans of the new spring 2020 series. By the way, I noticed that audiobooks with children’s works have quite an impressive number of views. You can make money while delighting young parents and their babies by writing books for children to read before bed. It doesn’t matter if there is already such an audiobook on YouTube. Get creative, read with different voices, add accompanying sounds, as they do in radio plays.