How to make Polyaniline in Subnautica: Below Zero

Polyaniline is a extreme conductance polymer that may perchance maybe effectively be crafted utilizing the Fabricator in Subnautica: Below Zero.

There are a whole bunch different sources in this skedaddle sport. Loads of them require skedaddle to fabricate blueprints, then gathering of particular gadgets, and heading to the Fabricator in give away to craft them.


Polyaniline, an honorable self-discipline topic in Subnautica: Below Zero, is not any exception. Avid avid gamers will should glean its blueprint and make sure that all the beautiful gadgets are obtained in give away to glean their fingers on it.

Gadgets wished to create Polyaniline in Subnautica: Below Zero

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Image through Unknown Worlds Leisure

Subnautica: Below Zero avid avid gamers will want one Gold and one Hydrochloric Acid in give away to craft Polyaniline. Gold is a uncooked self-discipline topic that may perchance maybe effectively be came upon on its bear. It’s going to be obtained from:

  • Calaverite Outcrop
  • Dapper Useful resource Deposits
  • Ore Vein
  • Sea Monkey

The Calverite Outcrop is a Harvesting Node veil in various Biomes. Dapper useful useful resource deposits are indispensable additional plentiful inside the Deep Lilypads Cave Biome and on the Koppa Mining Blueprint.

i turned as quickly as having a discover the purple grass biome in subnautica hoping to glean gold and silver and i think ive came upon 2 leviathans (clearly my subsequent cross turned as quickly as swim the quite a lot of methodology as swiftly as i’d perchance maybe effectively moreover) pic.https://www.gadgetclock.com/esports/twitter.com/3ugu2hafoR

— kenzie (@transdere69) April 26, 2021

Ore Veins inside the Deep Twisty Bridges and East Arctic Biomes are basically probably the most famed to personal Gold. Just one Gold is wished for Polyaniline, so head to any of the talked about places to salvage it.

Hydrochloric Acid wants to be crafted. Avid avid gamers can craft this with three Younger Cotton Anemones and one Salt Deposit. Younger Cotton Anemones would possibly perchance maybe effectively be veil inside the Deep Lilypads Cave, making it a one-stay store for that and the Gold.

Salt Deposits would possibly perchance maybe effectively be obtained from Sea Monkeys or came upon on the seabed of the subsequent Biomes:

  • Arctic Kelp Caves
  • Deep Purple Vents
  • Purple Vents
  • Sparse Arctic
  • Twisty Bridges

Crafting and utilizing Polyaniline in Subnautica: Below Zero

Image via Unknown Worlds Entertainment
Image through Unknown Worlds Leisure

It’s easiest to fabricate all the gadgets for crafting Hydrochloric Acid and the one Gold wished for Polyaniline prior to heading to the Fabricator. That may merely tempo up the method for crafting this Subnautica: Below Zero self-discipline topic.

The Fabricator is the place avid avid gamers will dart to craft most issues inside the recreation. Craft the Hydrochloric Acid with the three Younger Cotton Anemones and the one Salt Deposit.

From there, beautiful craft once more, nonetheless this time exhaust the one Gold and the one Hydrochloric Acid. This would possibly craft the Polyaniline, nonetheless as a reminder, various will doable be wished for all of its makes use of in Subnautica: Below Zero.


When it comes to exhaust, two are wished to craft the Prawn Swimsuit Thermal Reactor and one is wished to craft the beforehand talked about Seatruck Perimeter Protection Improve. One is wished on the Modification Construct to craft Swim Worth Fins.

Lastly, by methodology of account associated self-discipline topic, Polyaniline is wished to develop the Architect Skeleton. That may be a very crucial half in give away to completely develop Al-An’s Vessel as a different physique for Al-An.


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