How To Run Multiple Android Apps On Windows 10 ‘Your Phone’

How To Run Multiple Android Apps On Windows 10 ‘Your Phone’
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How To Run Multiple Android Apps On Windows 10 ‘Your Phone’

How To Run Multiple Android Apps On Windows 10 ‘Your Phone’

Recently Microsoft has announced the closure of its Internet Explorer by 2022. But the company is also continuously strengthening its OS system and mobile OS system during this period.

Windows 10 ‘Your Phone’: With the Your Phone app of Windows 10, users can connect almost all Android phones. The Windows 10 Your Phone app allows Android users to view simple notifications on the desktop and text messages right from their PC.

Windows 10 ‘Your Phone’ app will be able to easily view the user’s phone gallery. Also, you can copy data or files between two different devices. However, this will only be possible through the main window of Windows 10 ‘Your Phone’. Some devices also have the ability to mirror the phone’s screen. It also has the ‘Apps feature’ which allows the user to run multiple Android apps simultaneously on the desktop as if they were apps from Windows, not other companies. Earlier it was limited to only three apps, but now it can run more than three Android apps.

What else in ‘Your Phone’
-The app facilitates the use of mobile apps directly on the PC.
-You can add your favorite Android apps as ‘Favorites’ on PC. You can pin them to your Start Menu and Taskbar. You can also open them in separate windows on PC.
-You can transfer any file or image between your Android device and PC by dragging it from one device to another. To do this, open the phone screen in the Your Phone app and drag any file.

copy here paste there
The app lets you copy paste any photo directly from your Android device. Simply copy it from your Android device and paste it on your PC or Laptop. To do this open Your Phone app>go to Settings>Cross-device copy and paste. Confirm that the toggle is on.
-Even if your Android device does not support this feature, you can still share images from the phone to your PC using the Photos tab on your phone.

Make and receive calls directly from PC

The app also allows the user to view 2000 recent photos. For this feature open Your Phone app>go to Settings>under Photos>turn on toggle for Allow app to show phone photos
Now answer your calls directly on your PC. Use your PC speaker, microphone and large PC screen for a better calling experience. For this you have to open Your Phone app>go to Settings>Calls>setup instructions.

To set this up, you must be using version 1903 or higher version of Windows 10 on your PC as well as Android version 7.0 or higher version on your phone.

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