How to solve the Genshin Impact Luhua Pool Puzzle

The Luhua Pool puzzle is one amongst the present puzzles in Genshin Impression. The sport’s burly design presents a fluctuate of vow materials to purchase as avid gamers lunge backwards and forwards through Teyvat.

Typically puzzles are simple to resolve, and usually they can also be difficult. Happily, avid gamers will seemingly be rewarded with treasures after ending the Luhua Pool puzzle, making it value the hassle.

When avid gamers lunge backwards and forwards in Liyue whereas touring south to Liyue Harbor, they are going to detect a staunch lake often called Luhua Pool. In the midst of the lake is a round stone isle.

Look the six Pyro Monuments surrounding the perimeter. On the identical time, the guts of the circle is a seal with a site beneath. This is in general recognized as the “Luhua Pool puzzle.”

This article is going to dive into how to resolve this charming puzzle in Genshin Impression.

Genshin Impression: Study the process to resolve the Luhua Pool puzzle

The Pyro Monuments that needs to be activated and the full pillar behind them
The Pyro Monuments that needs to be activated and the fleshy pillar on the encourage of them

To resolve the Luhua Pool Puzzle, avid gamers should activate the three Pyro Monuments with a fleshy pillar on the encourage of them.

First, activate the mechanism. Afterwards, activate the high doubtless Pyro Monument to unlock the seal. Amber can also be pale to electrify this job with ease. As quickly as the mechanism is activated, avid gamers will seemingly be given a clue:

“Let anyone who follows inside the footsteps of the immortals kowtow earlier than the admire’s gate.”

The be aware “Immortal” in all probability refers to the fleshy pillar. Degree to that three Pyro monuments comprise damaged pillars, whereas the assorted three comprise fleshy pillars. Following the three fleshy pillars will have an effect on the Luhua Pool puzzle.

Watch out when lighting the monuments on story of any unfriendly go will dwelling off the assorted monuments to be deactivated.

Genshin Impression: Hidden Palace of Guizang System puzzle

Hidden Palace of Guizang Formula puzzle (Image via MonkeyKingHero, YouTube)
Hidden Palace of Guizang System puzzle (File by the exhaust of MonkeyKingHero, YouTube)

As quickly as the seal is damaged, fly down to the area. This may present an achievement often called “Hidden Palace of Guizang System,” which can also be the area title. This achievement will reward avid gamers with 5 Primogems.

There is not any denying the fulfilling and captiveness of the Genshin Impression design. The comely originate world accompanied by lovable characters is hump to electrify the hump memorable.

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