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How to throw C4 farther in Call of Duty: Warzone Season 3

How to throw C4 farther in Call of Duty: Warzone Season 3
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How to throw C4 farther in Call of Duty: Warzone Season 3

One of Warzone’s most most well-liked Lethal Devices throughout the earlier, the C4’s nerf closing twelve months had gamers turning a long way off from it as a legit risk.

Fortuitously, the group has discovered a way to work round C4’s 30% distance minimize fee. Avid avid gamers having a evaluation to resort assist to Semtex and Thermite grenades can even want to make a choice but but another evaluation at their lethals, as a straightforward three-step trick may give C4 twice as principal throw distance post-nerf, holding its effectiveness intact when wiping out autos, campers, or gamers getting into an undesired residing.

Venerable knowledge in video video games equal to Call of Accountability and Counter-Strike would present conceal merely sprinting, leaping, and throwing the C4. The trick isn’t any longer that easy, nonetheless.

COD Warzone: Together with momentum to C4 throws with Tac Sprint

Image via Activision
Picture via Activision

In contrast to most different first-person shooter video video games, merely operating and leaping can even now not give a make a choice to C4 throwing distance in Warzone. Doing so will scenario off the C4 to weakly tumble out of the operator’s hand, shedding a quantity of toes away on the very most.

Nevertheless as recognized by group contributors together with YouTube creators equal to JGOD, the loyal system to give a make a choice to the throw requires Tactical Sprinting and a throw motion sooner than the soar itself. This maintains the throw’s momentum up and via the soar, giving it vastly extra distance, as a lot as twice up to now as commonplace if performed correctly.


Whereas it is a long way inclined to make a choice apply for reasonably a quantity of Warzone’s gamers, this trick will allow C4 to dwell an environment friendly risk throughout the Lethal Devices class. C4’s harm and explosion radius is aloof lethal throughout the upright fingers, although its delayed detonation timing will probably ought to aloof be labored round as correctly.

Self perception in C4 after this momentum trick has even led outstanding Warzone streamer TimTheTatman to yelp that C4 is “aloof the best lethal” in a video earlier this twelve months.


Whereas C4’s light fame of being in a procure of abode to be thrown deep like a soccer will probably now not return to Warzone, it is a long way aloof a prime three Lethal Devices make a choice in step with group statistics procure of abode WZ Ranked, trailing handiest Semtex and Thermite as anticipated.

As of May 2021, C4’s modern make a choice ratio proportion stands at 9.9%, with a waste-loss of life ratio of roughly 1.01. With reasonably of luck, the throwing trick outlined can even wait on give a make a choice to these numbers for Season 3, as gamers will probably be a long way extra inclined to blow up their targets and may train a lot much less time caring about blowing themselves up.

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