how to trun off Whatsapp notification

how to trun off Whatsapp notification
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how to trun off Whatsapp notification

how to trun off Whatsapp notification

If you are also troubled by the notification feature of Whatsapp, then know easy ways to turn it off without turning off the internet.

New Delhi. Many times you are doing some important work and in the middle, WhatsApp notifications start coming. This reduces the focus in the work you are doing, as well as if someone is sitting with you, then the chances of reading his message increase. And maybe he can read the messages in the notification.

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Although WhatsApp has given all its features keeping in mind the privacy of the users, but sometimes this feature becomes a problem. To get rid of this problem, users have only two ways. First, either he should turn off the internet of his mobile or follow the trick which we are telling.

First know how whatsapp notification works

The WhatsApp notification feature informs any user about the message sent to him. If the user’s mobile internet is on, then whatever the user is running, if he sends a message on WhatsApp, then he will know about the message received through WhatsApp notification.

How to turn off Whatsapp notifications

Follow the steps given by the user to turn off the WhatsApp notification feature

1. First of all, the user has to go to WhatsApp and select the setting.

2. After going to the WhatsApp setting, you have to go to the notification section shown there.

3. After going to the notification section, go to the light section shown there and select None.

4. Vibration section will also appear above the light section, you can also turn it off by going there.

5. Also turn off Use high priority notifications in another section given there.

6. For the last resort, go to the group section and also turn off the notification.

Apart from these steps, the user can also turn off notifications by going to Android Settings.

  • For this, first go to the phone’s settings
  • After going to Settings, select Apps and Notifications
  • After selecting the app, go to WhatsApp there and turn off all notifications.

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