How to Use Quizlet Live for Virtual Learning

As virtual learning becomes more popular than ever, online learning tools like Quizlet Live are becoming more and more important for teachers all over the world. Since 2016, when it first came out, Quizlet Live has given students fun and interesting ways to improve their skills. But when the COVID-19 pandemic made a lot of students have to study from home, online tools like Quizlet Live became an even better way for teachers and students to stay in touch.

How does Quizlet Live work?

Quizlet Live was first made so that teachers could give their students a fun way to learn while they were in class. Teachers can sign up for an account on the site and talk to each of their students online. Once a teacher signs up, they will get free handouts that explain what Quizlet is and how it works to both students and their parents. On the other hand, students don’t have to sign up for a Quizlet Live account to play, but they can do so easily with a Google sign-in or an email address. If your student is younger than 13 years old, there is also a fast, easy, and safe way for them to sign up.

The teacher then chooses a study set based on the subject and topics they want to focus on. This study set is turned into a fun, competitive game on the site to get students interested in learning. We like something about these study sets? Teachers can change them to meet the needs of their classrooms and make their own study sets. The platform lets teachers import data from Word, Excel, Google Docs, and other programmes, which makes it easy to use the custom creation option. Once the study set is done, teachers can choose to show it only to their students or to everyone who uses Quizlet.

Yes, Quizlet is a pretty collaborative environment. If teachers don’t have a lot of time to make their own plans, Quizlet already has millions of study sets made by teachers and students from all over the world. Even if a teacher chooses a study set that has already been made, they can still change it to fit their own lesson plan.

How does Team Mode work?

Team Mode was the most common way to play Quizlet Live before remote learning became the norm. When teachers wanted to turn study sets into games in the classroom, the programme would put students into teams at random. Team Mode can still be played online, and it works best when students connect through a video-conferencing service like Zoom.

Playing from far away? When the game starts, everyone on the team sees the same question on their screen, along with a set of flashcards that show different answers. The trick is that only one person’s answer cards will have the right answer. This means that students need to talk to their teammates to get the right answer.

On the teacher’s screen, a leaderboard that tracks each team’s progress can be seen. When a team gets a question right, they get to move closer to the virtual finish line. Get a wrong answer? That team goes back to the beginning. This method makes sure that students pay more attention to teamwork and quality than to speed.

How does Individual Mode work?

When 2020 brought about huge changes in the way people learn, Quizlet Live decided to make some changes as well. Now, students have the option to play Quizlet Live on their own instead of in the traditional Team Mode. To use this new mode, teachers just need to choose it when asked. As usual, teachers can choose which study sets to use for each game or make their own. They can then invite students to join a session using a QR code made by the app or a passcode entered into the Quizlet Live platform.

Once the game starts, it goes exactly the same way it would in Team Mode, but without the teamwork. Students still move up the leaderboard when they get a question right, but when they get it wrong, they go back. Teachers can also host games with as few as two students or as many as forty students. Overall, this has been a fun and easy way for students who are learning remotely to feel like they are part of a group. By letting virtual learners play the same games they used to play in a real classroom, it’s also a nice way to make them feel like they’re back in the real world.

Benefits for Students

Want to get better? Once students know how to use the programme, they can use the Quizlet site to help them learn even when they’re not in class. This is especially true with Study Mode, which has virtual flashcards, study reminders, quizzes, and practise tests. To help students get the most out of this mode, teachers will have to make more study guides, quizzes, and other content for students to use when they aren’t playing a live game.

One of the best things about Quizlet Live? Both students and teachers can use it for free. If teachers want more features, like custom teams and the ability to upload recorded audio, they can pay for an upgrade. No matter which option you choose, Quizlet Live has shown again and again that it is a great tool for learning in person or online.

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