How Your Workplace Can Benefit From an Advanced Security System

As a business owner, you are likely aware of the many security risks at your workplace. Businesses of all sizes typically have access to confidential documents, expensive equipment, and employee or customer information records in the office. The last thing you want is to be a target of a security breach.

According to an Identity Defined Security Alliance (IDSA) study, 94 percent of organizations have experienced a data breach. Unfortunately, these breaches occur when organizations neglect workplace security or fail to recognize common threats.

Securing your workplace with an advanced security system can make your company less vulnerable. Learn how your workplace can benefit from an advanced security system below.

Lower Risk of Equipment Theft

A workplace lacking proper surveillance and security systems is often the target of theft. Whether your workplace is an office, warehouse, or retail store, you likely have a range of equipment on site. So, it’s important to implement an advanced security system to prevent theft.

In most cases, burglars monitor a workplace and observe their security levels. When they notice that you have an advanced security system consisting of photo ID cards to restrict entry, CCTV cameras, and a motion-detecting alarm system, they may steer clear of your workplace and avoid targeting it.

Less Unauthorized Entries to the Workplace

One of the biggest security risks workplaces deal with daily is authorized entries to the site. If you don’t control who enters and exits the area, unauthorized individuals can walk around and create plans for data breaches.

Using an advanced photo ID card system is the key to limiting unauthorized entries. Choose a reputable brand like Avon Security Products and browse their extensive list of security products. Their products include various innovative security features to help workplaces keep their site, assets, and employees safe. For example, their proximity cards can be customized based on your company’s individual needs. You can give your employees cards that grant access to a building or office area and use watermarks or hologram prints to prevent card duplication.

Better Employee Tracking System 

Innovative security systems available today do more than protect your workplace from intruders. It also helps boost accountability among your employees as you can track them through ID card systems. For instance, you can choose an ID card system that stores important data, such as when an employee enters or exits your building. This will encourage your team to show up on time, potentially boosting productivity.

In many cases, employees are responsible for data breaches. Research has revealed that human error accounts for 82 percent of data breaches. But the good news is an advanced security system can detect which employee might have contributed to the error, allowing you to act accordingly.

Reduced Office Insurance Premiums

Insurance companies consider various factors to determine how much they will charge companies for offering workplace insurance. When you don’t have an efficient security system, insurance companies may feel your workplace is vulnerable to threats and losses, resulting in a higher monthly insurance premium. But if you take adequate measures to secure your workplace, they won’t consider you a high-risk business, potentially reducing your monthly insurance premiums.

Human Error is Responsible for 82% of Data Breaches


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