Hrithik Palak Gold Coin to Pawandeep Arunita

Hrithik Palak Gold Coin to Pawandeep Arunita
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Hrithik Palak Gold Coin to Pawandeep Arunita

Hrithik Palak Gold Coin to Pawandeep Arunita

After ‘Indian Idol 12’, the fan following of Pawandeep Rajan and Arunita Kanjilal has increased even more. The list now includes Hrithik Roshan and his parents. Pawandeep Rajan and Arunita Kanjilal, who are currently engaged in a music series, recently met Hrithik and his parents.

After meeting Pawandeep and Arunita, Hrithik’s parents Rakesh Roshan and Pinky were so impressed that they gave him a gold chain and coins. Pawandeep Rajan told our colleague Times of India about this.

After meeting Pawandeep-Arunita, the parents became emotional

Pawandeep and Arunita spent 3 hours with Hrithik’s family and in the meantime the duo sang many songs to him. Pawandeep said, ‘Rakesh ji and Pinky ji got completely emotional after seeing and hugging both of us. We even sang songs for him. He had a great time with us.

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Pawandeep-Arunita with Hrithik's mother

Pawandeep-Arunita with Hrithik’s mother

Gifts gold chains and coins
Pawandeep further said that Hrithik’s mother Pinki gave him a gold chain with Rudraksha and gold coins of Goddess Lakshmi. He said, ‘He told me that the chain was given to him by his father. Rudraksha is attached to him. I also wanted to get Rudraksha for myself and now Pinky G has given it to me.

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Hrithik’s parents are fans of Pawandeep-Arunita
Please tell that Rakesh Roshan and Pinky Roshan are both fans of Pawandeep and Arunita. He expressed his desire to meet Pawandeep and Arunita. When Pawandeep was asked if he and Arunita had met Hrithik, he said that I had only met him for a short time and when we met, Hrithik had told him to keep working hard and shine in life.

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Pawandeep Rajan was the winner of ‘Indian Idol 12’, while Arunita Kanjilal was the first runner-up. During the show, the audience loved the chemistry of Pawandeep and Arunita. There was also a lot of discussion about their link-up during the show. However, Arunita Kanjilal and Pawandeep Rajan consider each other good friends.

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