Huma Qureshi Bell Bottom Movie: Unique Huma Qureshi reveals why he chose a small role in Bell Bottom

Huma Qureshi Bell Bottom Movie: Unique Huma Qureshi reveals why he chose a small role in Bell Bottom
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Huma Qureshi Bell Bottom Movie: Unique Huma Qureshi reveals why he chose a small role in Bell Bottom

Huma Qureshi Bell Bottom Movie: Unique Huma Qureshi reveals why he chose a small role in Bell Bottom

Huma Qureshi has received a lot of support this year for the web series ‘Hollywood of the Dead’ and ‘Maharani’. Now he is also talking about his new film ‘Bell Bottom’. Huma’s character in this film is small. In an exclusive interview with Navbharat Times, Huma said that there is a big reason why she did a small role in the film after starring in serials like ‘Maharani’ and ‘Leela’. Huma says the film was shot during the epidemic and is very important for the cinema industry. Humayun has revealed why he accepted a small role in ‘Bell Bottom’. Read this unique conversation:

In the web series ‘Maharani’, you traveled from a rural woman to the screen to become the Chief Minister. What is the status of the second season of the series?
The second season will do the same, it is being written now. I am very happy with the way the Queen has won the love of the people. He was especially appreciated by women, media and people in politics, I used to get many messages every day. I worked hard, but when the results are good, I get a lot of satisfaction.

‘Bell Bottom’ is Akshay Kumar’s film. How important is your role in that?
I am in the role of an agent. Yes, the film revolves around the character of Akshay Saran as he saves the hijacked plane and its occupants. My character comes in the second half. I am an intelligence agent who works as an airport employee. How she helps them is special. I also want to do some action and it feels great when Akshay Sir is acting in a movie because we have always seen him as Khiladi Kumar. Anyway, I’m a fan of movies. While watching the movie, I used to think that you have to do the same, so whenever I get a chance to do it, I have a lot of fun, because a lot of childhood memories are attached to it.

As you said, your character comes in the second half. Why did you agree to a role in such a small screen time after a title role like ‘Leela’ or ‘Maharani’?
Let me tell you why I made this movie. This is a very important thing. In July, when Jackie (Bhagnani) and Akshay Saran got a call for this movie, we were in the first lockdown. “We’re making this film,” he said. It deserves it. It will be very difficult, but we want to make a film because we do not know when the world will open. No one knew anything. The reason for making this film was very important. So, as an actor, I wanted to support such a film because it is the film we shot when the whole world was off. This movie is important because while cinemas are closed in many places today, it is coming to cinemas, which will restart the industry. So, if my appearance in it helps a little bit, I wouldn’t support that idea, hey, what’s my role in that? Small or big? No, I wanted to support this spirit that we will not allow this epidemic to defeat itself. We won’t be upset, we’ll go and make a movie. I wanted to support cinema. No matter how small my role, I may come in the second half, but many years later people will still remember that these crazy people came after the shooting when the whole world was off.

You are doing everything from Hollywood to the South and from Hindi movies to web-series. Is it a prudent policy to be present everywhere?
The only advantage of today’s date is that it no longer has to be bound by any one region or language. I am so lucky to have the opportunity to work with some of the best actors and directors in every industry. I’m doing Bell Bottom, so I’m part of the Dead Army. I’m working on OTT, doing a very big movie with a very big star from the South, I’m very lucky and I take it very seriously. I work with complete loyalty. That makes me feel good. As an actor, I want to learn something different every day. If I keep doing that every day, I will get bored of myself. I want to constantly challenge myself. That’s what I’m doing.

After the dance number in ‘Gangubai Kathiawadi’, you are also a part of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s web series ‘Hira Mandi’.
Right now I have done a very beautiful song with Sanjay Saran in Gangubai Kathiawadi. I am so excited about this song because it is my favorite filmmaker. We wanted to shoot this song a long time ago in January, but when the second wave of Corona came, we shot it much later. I enjoyed working with him because there is no other creative filmmaker like him in Indian cinema. As my prayer was accepted. I always used to say that Sanjay Saran shot me once. I wanted to see a picture of how he looks at me, because the way he looks at his actresses, the way he builds on the world, is so beautiful.

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