Huzurabad Election Results Live Today 2021

Huzurabad Election Results in Today 2021- Huzurabad By-Election Result Live Counting: ‘Itala’ke’ Huzur ‘. BJP wins with a huge majority over TRS.

Telangana shows towards Huzurabad! Who will win? How much does the majority get? No two have a similar discussion together. Will the car dodge again? Or does the lotus bloom?

Huzurabad Election Results

Huzurabad Election Results

Huzurabad By Poll Result Counting Live Updates: The counting of votes for the by-election in Huzurabad, which has become a sensation in Telangana, has been completed. The results came out as everyone expected at first. TRS took the lead in the first postal ballot count. In the ensuing general vote count, the votes for BJP candidate Itala Rajendra were exceptionally similar. The majority increased from round to round. With that, Itala Rajender was able to reach the victory shore at a considerable distance from the opponent.

From the first to the last round in the counting of votes in the Huzurabad by-election .. BJP candidate Itala Rajender showed the lead in all the rounds except two rounds. He stood by a majority of over a thousand votes in each round. As a result, by the end of the last round, Itala Rajender had won a landslide victory over his rival, TRS candidate Gell Srinivas by 23,865 votes.

Tensions continue near SRR Degree College, Karimnagar. There are a total of 753 postal ballots. Now everyone is looking towards Huzurabad. Who will win? How much does the majority get? No two have a similar discussion together. Will the car dodge again? Or does the lotus bloom? The same debate is going on across the state now. Which party will win the alchemical contest between TRS and BJP? If Eeta Rajender wins here .. will it be a BJP victory ..? If Itala Rajender wins .. will it contribute to BJP’s dominance ..? Arguments are heard.

Itala Rajender said goodbye to the TRS party on June 4 this year. The MLA then resigned on June 12. With that, the Huzurabad election was inevitable. Itala Rajender immediately joined the BJP on June 14. Since then, the Huzurabad by-election has become a hot topic across the state as well as the country. With the results of the by-elections linked to state politics and the forthcoming elections, there is growing interest among political parties in the verdict to be handed down by the voters there.

How many of the postal ballots belong to whom .. even the invalid ones ..

Huzurabad Election Results by-election counting process is underway. TRS took the lead in the first postal ballot count. A total of 723 postal ballots were counted. The counting of EVMs began after the postal ballots. The ruling TRS got 503 votes. The BJP candidate got 159 votes. The Congress got 32 votes. Of these, 14 invalid votes came as a surprise to everyone.

Huzurabad Election Results Counting in SRR Degree College ..

Counting is conducted at SRR Degree College, Karimnagar. Heavy security is maintained with about 300 policemen. Central forces are in security arrangements at the Strong Rooms. The counting process began at 8 a.m. Tuesday. Counting of postal ballots for the first half-hour .. A total of 753 postal ballots will be counted. 7 tables in one hall and 7 tables in another hall are calculated at the rate of 14 EVMs per round.

The counting is completed in 22 rounds. Candidates of political parties wazirx .. Recruitment process of their agents is in progress. Training of counting staff and supervisors has already been completed. The final result will be released after 3 p.m.

Broke the last record in Huzurabad Election Results ..

Polling for the Huzurabad by-election ends on October 30. The results will be released on November 2. However, voters lined up at the polling booths as if Huzurabad had been defeated on polling day. Everyone from the 18-year-old boy who has just got the right to vote .. to the 90-year-old fruit old man .. kicked the ball at the voting center. There was a sudden awakening of the electorate. Polling was recorded at a record level.

In the Huzurabad constituency, more than 84 percent polling was recorded in the 2018 general assembly elections. This time, it was 86.57 percent. That’s 2.5 percent more votes than in the past. And if you want to know who the voters are on .. you have to wait till tomorrow.

Huzurabad Election Results Live Today 2021

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