Ibiza’s Illegal Parties to Get Checks From Undercover Detectives

Ibiza’s Illegal Parties to Get Checks From Undercover Detectives
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Ibiza’s Illegal Parties to Get Checks From Undercover Detectives

Ibiza’s Illegal Parties to Get Checks From Undercover Detectives

Although the famous dance clubs in the Spanish resort town of Ibiza are officially closed as a precautionary measure in the event of a pandemic, that hasn’t stopped the music. Party-goers crowded into illegal dance parties at private residences and villas away from the island’s main drag.

But with the increase in coronavirus cases on the island, concerned Spanish officials say they have a plan: to use undercover foreign detectives to masquerade as partiers for quite a while.

“We are looking for all possible means to fight against this serious problem which has been accentuated by the legal closure of nightlife and a pandemic situation,” Mariano Juan, an Ibiza council official told reporters.

He said it was not possible to use the island’s own health inspectors or the police to infiltrate parties, as they lacked training or were overwhelmed with other tasks. Officials therefore turned to an outside agency to recruit a team of foreigners between the ages of 30 and 40, who would hang out in bars in the hours leading up to the 1am curfew on the island in an attempt to score. invitations to illegal late-night parties, collect evidence of regulatory violations in a pandemic and hand it over to the police, Juan told La Cadena SER, a Spanish radio network.

Critics of the plan have called for more serious proposals to combat the problem.

Undercover parties wouldn’t be hard to find for undercover agents. On a recent evening in July, tourists and locals alike on one of Ibiza’s busiest streets traded gossip in bars and taxi ranks over the rallies, some of which are believed to have charged travel fees. ‘admission up to 50 euros (about $ 59).

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Clubs on the tourism-dependent Mediterranean island, which is known for its vibrant nightlife, have largely remained closed, and bars and restaurants have been limited to table service. Authorities say illegal dance parties that have taken the place of clubs are responsible for the spread of Covid-19 cases among tourists, residents and seasonal workers, and have reimposed a curfew that bans gatherings of people more than one household between 1 a.m. and 6 a.m. Organizers of illegal parties face heavy fines.

Many illegal gatherings take place in remote residences in rural areas, far from main roads, said Juan. Of the 33 illegal parties recently discovered by the authorities, he said, only three were hosted by tourists.

In Spain, police generally do not have the power to search private residences without a warrant, but have dispersed illegal parties under pandemic health regulations, a practice that has drawn criticism. Mr Juan said the goal now is to use undercover agents to find out about gatherings early enough to avoid them.

“The idea is not to blow up the party from the inside but to warn the police, so that they can set up control outside and prevent more people from going there,” he said. he declared.

Mr Juan told Periodico de Ibiza on Sunday that the undercover agents were “a necessity to protect the health situation in Ibiza”.

Over the past week, the Balearic Islands, which includes Ibiza, reported an average of 843 new cases of coronavirus per day, or 71 per 100,000 population, the highest number of any region in Spain, according to a database. New York Times data.

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