I’m salivating over this new four-volume Philip K. Dick collection by the Folio Society

I’m salivating over this new four-volume Philip K. Dick collection by the Folio Society
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I’m salivating over this new four-volume Philip K. Dick collection by the Folio Society

I’m salivating over this new four-volume Philip Ok. Dick collection by the Folio Society

The Folio Society has launched a limited-edition, four-volume set of Philip Ok. Dick’s collected quick tales and I’m critically contemplating promoting my plasma to purchase a replica.

Every quantity is certain in fluorescent colours, with 2,560 pages of textual content containing some 118 tales. There are 24 illustrations by 24 completely different artists, and the set itself has a theme impressed by the symbols discovered on Zener playing cards — famously used all through the twentieth century to check for telepaths (mind-reading being a recurrent theme in Dick’s fiction).

The collection is totally gorgeous, like so many particular editions by The Folio Society, however has a hefty price-tag of £495 ($679). There are additionally solely 750 copies that can be purchased and it appears like they’re promoting out fast.

Philip Ok. Dick is an undisputed titan of science fiction, and I’ve lengthy been a selected fan of his quick tales. Not simply because they include a few of the style’s most iconic tales however as a result of in addition they supply a capsule historical past of Dick himself.

He was famously prolific as a author, and lived at a time when it was attainable to earn an honest dwelling pumping out fast fiction hits. He printed 4 tales in 1952 after which accelerated to publish 30 in 1953. (His love of amphetamines additionally contributed to this prolific output.) A way of writing as drudgery bleeds into Dick’s tales, which regularly function resentful toilers, like the tire regroover in Our Buddies from Frolix 8 who takes bald, worn-out tires and carves contemporary grooves into them with a purple scorching iron.

Regardless of the grinding nature of the work, Dick’s fiction is endlessly imaginative. His quick tales are nonetheless being retold at present, and are significantly beloved by Hollywood. “We Can Keep in mind it for You Wholesale” grew to become 1990’s Whole Recall; the 1956 quick “The Minority Report” was become the 2002 Tom Cruise blockbuster of the similar title; whereas the “Adjustment Group” grew to become 2011’s The Adjustment Bureau, and so forth.

As we progress by means of Dick’s profession into the ‘70s, and ‘80s his output slows. In 1974, Dick famously skilled a sequence of visions wherein an entity that was maybe God, however which he dubbed the Huge Energetic Residing Intelligence System or VALIS, “fired a beam of pink mild instantly at him, at his head, his eyes.” His tales from this period, significantly his novels, consequently transfer away from commonplace sci-fi tropes into post-modern themes, delving into slipstreams of consciousness, alternate realities, and hidden, unbelievable truths.

Studying by means of Dick’s quick fiction chronologically affords its personal narrative: the story of this magnificent author and thinker. The Folio Society’s new set appears like a wonderful accompaniment to this mental historical past. Now excuse me, I’ve some Googling to do about “infallible get wealthy fast schemes.”

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