Imran Khan said- ‘Taliban Won’t Talk As Long As Ashraf Ghani Is President’

Imran Khan said- ‘Taliban Won’t Talk As Long As Ashraf Ghani Is President’
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Imran Khan said- ‘Taliban Won’t Talk As Long As Ashraf Ghani Is President’

Imran Khan said- ‘Taliban Won’t Talk As Long As Ashraf Ghani Is President’

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that as long as Ashraf Ghani remains the President of the country, the terrorist organization will not talk to the government of Afghanistan. PM Khan said that the condition of the Taliban is that as long as Ashraf Ghani is there, he will not talk to the government. Imran said that political settlement is difficult right now.

Pakistan’s The News International quoted Imran Khan as saying that he had tried to persuade the Taliban three-four months ago, when they came here. Imran Khan has taken a dig at the US, saying that he considers Pakistan useful only to deal with the mess it has left behind in Afghanistan after 20 years of war and when it comes to building a strategic partnership, it is India. gives priority to. Khan said the US has been treating Pakistan differently ever since it decided to forge a strategic partnership with India.

The Afghan government has been critical of Islamabad for increasing instability in the region as Kabul believes that Pakistan aids the Taliban in escalating violence in Afghanistan. Recently, the people of Afghanistan started a campaign on social media blaming Pakistan for the deteriorating situation in the country. The Ghani government alleges that the Taliban is killing civilians, robbing them. All this is happening on the behest of Pakistan.

On the other hand, the White House said that the Afghan National Security Forces have the equipment to fight back, sufficient troops and training. They have everything they need. They need to decide if they have the political will to respond to the fight. Is there the ability to unite as leaders to fight the battle.

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The Biden administration said Afghan national forces have the capability and weapons to retaliate against the Taliban. The US trained Afghanistan’s national military for two decades. He said the US was closely monitoring the deteriorating security situation in the war-torn country.

Nearly four lakh people have been displaced since the beginning of this year amid deteriorating security situation in Afghanistan. A large number of people have been forced to migrate in May. Stéphane Dujarric, spokesman for UN chief Antonio Guterres, said on Wednesday – about 390,000 people have been displaced by conflict in the country since the beginning of this year, with the number of displaced people suddenly increasing in May.

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