In this age of internet and social media piracy has spread like a cancer disease

In this age of internet and social media piracy has spread like a cancer disease
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In this age of internet and social media piracy has spread like a cancer disease

In this age of internet and social media piracy has spread like a cancer disease

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Piracy is a different type of breach of theft. In this era of internet and social media, piracy has spread like a cancer disease and not only the film industry but even the law enforcement agencies are not understanding how to control this disease. The situation has become even that even before a new film is duly released, burglars make it public. In this way, the film made by the producer by spending crores of rupees is becoming redundant. Be it ‘Bahubali’ or ‘Radhe’. Be it ‘Newton’ or the recent release ‘Mimi’ all the films are facing this problem.

Ever since Hindi movies started being seen on video, a new trouble arose for the filmmakers. This was the piracy of any newly released film. Since then there has been a lot of technological expansion and today piracy has become such a problem, the solution of which is not understood. In this era of online film screening, the attitude of piracy has become more intense. No film is released that its copy is made secretly and people watch it for free on the same day. Due to this the film business is suffering a lot. ‘Baahubali’, ’14 Phere’, ‘Zero’, ‘Thugs of Hindostan’, ‘2.0’, ‘Andhadhun’, ‘Udta Punjab’, ‘Detective Byomkesh Bakshi’ etc. have been released in the past. are going Raj Kumar Rao’s ‘Newton’ was quickly leaked. The same thing happened with Abhishek Bachchan’s web series ‘The Big Bull’. Tamil hackers are easily breaking into the movies.

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Salman – Kriti Sanon sad

However, the entire film industry is saddened by piracy. But Salman Khan and Kriti Sanon are the latest victims of piracy. Kriti Sanon, who is active on social media, was very excited about her film ‘Mimi’ as it was going to release on July 27, her birthday. But when the film got leaked before its release, the producer was forced to release the film immediately. Obviously, the response that Kriti had expected from the audience was not fulfilled. This is what has been happening for the past few days. Movies and web series released on OTT are already getting leaked, due to which the makers have to release them even before the scheduled time. At the time of the release of ‘Radhe’, Salman, who was upset with the piracy, had to announce that action could be taken against those who watched the pirate ‘Radhe’.

law against piracy

Earlier, piracy makers used to earn a lot of money by selling its copies at cheap prices by making videos of the film moving in theatres. When the CD came, the CD of the new film was sold indiscriminately for Rs 20-30. Many times, even during the trial shows of films, a copy of the film was secretly made. But piracy has gained momentum in the era of online film screening. Once a film is made, it goes through many hands for dubbing, mixing, special effects etc. and the chances of piracy increase. Now movies and web series are getting leaked even before release on OTT channels. Hackers are not behind in doing piracy. They are hacking movies easily. Law enforcement agencies try but they are not getting much benefit.

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The delegation of the film world has also met the Prime Minister to solve this problem. The government has also made a strict law against piracy. Under this, a provision of three years imprisonment along with a fine of ten lakh rupees has also been made for those committing piracy. But despite legal strictness, piracy has not been effectively curbed.

intensity of piracy

Chandraprakash Dwivedi, who played the title role in the serial ‘Chanakya’ and these days, who made ‘Prithviraj’ with Akshay Kumar, says about the intensity of piracy that one of his untitled films was piracy during the shooting itself, after which The morale of the people associated with the film had fallen. But this kind of piracy is incomplete and the audience does not get quality in it. Sites showing pirated movies are closed, but by then other sites start showing pirated movies. Every year crores of rupees are being lost in the film industry due to piracy, but even today it is not being controlled.

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