In Which States Is It Legal to Sell Everclear?

California, Florida, Maine, Massachusetts, Hawaii, Iowa, Washington, Michigan, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New York, Nevada, North Carolina, Virginia, and Ohio prohibit the sale of Everclear. In the remaining 36 states, retailers may sell Everclear. Some states, such as Maryland, prohibit the sale of grain alcohol, but it is not illegal to possess such beverages.

States ban the selling of grain alcohol on the basis of sexual assaults. A single shot of Everclear is 2.5 times more potent than a single shot of vodka, and it has no flavour. Concerns exist over binge drinking on college campuses. Bartenders utilise the chemical to give fruity drinks a kick.

In 2013, alcohol sales generated $15.8 million in tax revenue for Maryland, of which grain alcohol contributed a negligible amount. Violin makers and cake designers criticised Maryland’s prohibition, stating that grain alcohol is beneficial to their companies. Everclear dissolves the colorings used to lacquer violins, as well as the powders required to make cake fondant.

Everclear grain alcohol is 190 proof, or 95 percent alcohol by volume. Several unsuccessful attempts to outlaw the sale of grain alcohol have been made by states such as Wisconsin.

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