Indian fast bowlers on foreign soil: Crossing foreign lands

Indian fast bowlers on foreign soil: Crossing foreign lands
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Indian fast bowlers on foreign soil: Crossing foreign lands

Indian fast bowlers on foreign soil: Crossing foreign lands


  • The performance of the Indian team on foreign soil has been steadily improving.
  • After losing the toss, the team improved by batting first.
  • The team has a quality fast bowling attack, which is very effective abroad

India lost the toss in the Lord’s Test. He was invited to bat first. But on Monday, Team India showed a great game and won. This was the 13th time in the history of Indian cricket (46 Tests, 24 defeats and nine draws) that he had won overseas when he was invited to bat first.

Surprisingly, out of eight of these 13 Tests, at least one Indian fast bowler has taken five or more wickets in an innings. And a total of 11 times Indian fast bowlers have done it in the innings.

At Lord’s, the Indian team landed four fast bowlers south. Everyone bowled well and took wickets. He could not take five wickets in any innings. But that was not the case in the 2014 victory over Lord’s under Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Ishant Sharma took six and seven wickets respectively.

Indian fast bowlers

India’s first victory came in 1968 when they were invited to bat first on overseas tours. This was India’s first Test series victory over a foreign tour. Kapil Dev had taken five wickets in an innings in Melbourne in 1981. Greg Chappell then invited the Indian team to bat. This was the test when captain Sunil Gavaskar wanted to get out of the match.

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After losing the toss on foreign soil, the Indian team won by batting first.

Year Vs. Field
2021 England Lord
2019 West Indies North Sound, Kingston
2018 England Nottingham
2016 West Indies Total island
2015 Sri Lanka Colombo
2014 England Lord
2010 South Africa, Bangladesh Durban, Chittagong
2007 Bangladesh Dhaka
2002 West Indies Spanish monkey
1981 Australia Melbourne
1968 New Zealand Auckland

When a captain decides to bowl, usually the wicket helps the fast bowlers or the sky is cloudy and the weather is conducive to seam bowling. In India’s 13 wins, no spinner has taken five wickets in an innings. Ravichandran Ashwin took four wickets in the 2015 Colombo Test. Meanwhile, Ishant Sharma took five wickets in the first innings of the same Test.

Team India performed amazingly, won Lord’s and took the lead in the series

In addition to Lord’s 2014, India’s North Sound 2019 (Ishant and Bumrah) and Nottingham 2018 (Hardik Pandya and Bumrah) were matches in which two Indian fast bowlers took five wickets in an innings in a Test. Bumrah has won a total of three times in an innings. Bhuvneshwar Kumar took five wickets at Lord’s in 2014 and at Gross Islet in 2016.

In India’s victory in Auckland in 1968, no bowler took five wickets in an innings. In addition, in the victories in Durban (2010), Chittagong (2010) and Port of Spain (2002), no bowler has taken five wickets in an innings. In 2007, Zaheer Khan took five wickets in an innings in Dhaka.

From Melbourne in 1981 to Port of Spain in 2002, he was invited to bat first in 15 Tests on foreign soil but did not win any of them. He lost 10 and drew five matches. However, after 2002 the picture began to change. Since then, India have won 10 of the 24 matches played. They lost 11 and drew three matches. The big reason behind this is the Indian fast bowling attack.

In India, it is rare for a captain to decide to bowl first after winning a toss. India have not won any of the eight Tests, drawn six and lost two. Both defeats were against Australia. In Mumbai in 2001 and in Kolkata in 1969.


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