Indian Originated Sirisha Bandla Will Go To Space With Richard Branson

Indian Originated Sirisha Bandla Will Go To Space With Richard Branson
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Indian Originated Sirisha Bandla Will Go To Space With Richard Branson

Indian Originated Sirisha Bandla Will Go To Space With Richard Branson

After Kalpana Chawla and Sunita Williams, the third Indian woman to fly in Virgin Galactic’s spaceship Unity

New Delhi. Another Indian-origin in space is heading towards high flight. Indian-origin Sirisha Bandla will go to space on Sunday in Virgin Galactic’s spaceship Unity. After Kalpana Chawla and Sunita Williams, 34-year-old Sirisha will be the third Indian woman to go into space. The mission, named Unity 22, includes Sirisha in a crew of six, including Virgin Galactic owner Richard Brenson. On Sunday evening at 6.30 pm Indian time, Unity will fly to space from the spaceport of New Mexico, USA. Tweeting in this regard, Virgin Galactic also wrote on its Twitter account, “Welcome to our expert crew members Sirisha Bandla, Colin Bennett and Beth Moses on the Unity22 test flight. Watch it live on Sunday.”

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Dada said, the country will be proud
Sirisha was born in Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh. His grandfather Bandla Raghia is an agricultural scientist. Says Raghiya, I have always seen the enthusiasm in Sirisha to achieve something big and finally she is going to fulfill her dream. I am sure she will make the whole country proud. Sirisha’s father Muralidhar is a senior scientist in the US government.

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Inspired by Rakesh Sharma
Since childhood, Sirisha’s dream was to go to space. Sirisha says that Bharti’s first astronaut Rakesh Sharma was also an inspiration for her. She said that I want to go to space many times. And I also want many more people to go to space.

race for space
Richard Brenson of Virgin Galactic will go into space on July 11, while Jeff Bezos of Amazon Blue Horizon will fly into space on July 20. The visits of the two billionaires will also mark the beginning of the race to go to space.

Here are the details of Virgin Galactic Spaceship
The spaceship going on this mission named Unity 22 will go to an altitude of 80 kilometers in space. There will be a total of 6 people in it as a crew. It will be launched through a carrier aircraft and return via runway landing. It will have an airplane size window and so far this spaceship has had three flights.

In this way the complete mission will be completed
The White Night Carrier Aircraft will take the spaceship to an altitude of 50,000 feet. After separation here, the spaceship will give the rocket engine a speed of four thousand kilometers. After this the rocket will enter space at an altitude of 100 km. And at an altitude of 80 km, the passengers of the spacecraft will feel weightlessness for five minutes. After that the return journey will start. Upon re-entry into Earth’s atmosphere, the spacecraft’s rudder wings will begin to open. At an altitude of 22.9 km, the spacecraft’s wings would be fully opened and the spacecraft would traditionally land from the landing gear and skid.

Brenson’s India Connection
Brenson’s great-grandmother was from Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu. His name was Aria. Yes, Brenson had revealed this in his India tour in 2019. He also got a DNA test done, which confirmed his India connection. He prefers to call himself Namma Oru Payan (boy from our village).

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