Inside the Fight for the Future of The Wall Street Journal

Inside the Fight for the Future of The Wall Street Journal
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Inside the Fight for the Future of The Wall Street Journal

Inside the Fight for the Future of The Wall Street Journal

The Content Review have been officially distributed to the newsroom and its guidelines have yet to be put in to effect, however it really is impacting how folks work: A impasse over the document has caused a broken newsroom, based on interviews with 25 current and past team members. The companythey state, has prevented producing the suggested changes as a brewing power struggle between Mr. Murray and the brand new writer, Almar Latour, has led to some stalemate that compromises the prospective of The Journal.

Mr. Murray and Mr. Latour, 50, represent two extremes of the version Murdoch employee. Mr. Murray is the tactful editorMr. Latour is the brash entrepreneur. The two climbed within the company at about the same moment. After the moment found displace Gerry Baker as the top editor from 2018, both were regarded contenders.

The two men haven’t gotten together, according to people who have knowledge of the matter. Or being an executive that knows both put it”They despise eachother ” The digital strategy accounts has just improved the breed in their relationship — as well as together with it, the management of the crown stone in the Murdoch news empire.

Their long standing expert competition boils to both the style and strategy. Mr. Murray is significantly more deliberative, while Mr. Latour is quick to do something. However, the heart of that their friction continues to be a puzzle, according to people knowledgeable about them.

Dow Jones, at an announcement, disputed that characterization, saying that there wasn’t any friction between the writer and writer. Additionally, it mentioned”record profits and record vouchers,” that it credited to”the intelligence of its present plan ” Both Mr. Murray and Mr. Latour failed to be interviewed for this specific report.

of a month later the report was filed, Ms. Story’s plan team was concerned that its job could never find the light of afternoon, three people who have comprehension of the thing said, and also a draft was leaked into a of The Journal’s social media coworkers, Jeffrey Trachtenberg. He registered a comprehensive article about how it late .

However the first glance that outside subscribers, and also the majority of the staff) obtained of the record was not in The Journal. Back in Octobera pared-down variant of The Content Evaluation had been leaked into BuzzFeed News, which comprised a URL on the file as being a sideways scan. (Staffers, excited to learn the report, had to show their heads 90 degrees)

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