Instagram Parental Controls Are Set Arrive in March

Instagram Parental Controls Are Set Arrive in March
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Instagram Parental Controls Are Set Arrive in March

Instagram Parental Controls Are Set Arrive in March

Faced with the pressure to do more to protect its young users from harmful content and to prevent overuse of the product, Instagram will introduce its first parental controls in March.

Adam Moseri, head of the app at Instagram and Facebook’s parent company Meta, said in a blog post that parents would be able to see how long their teens have been using Instagram and limit how much time they spend on Instagram. App. Teenagers can also tell their parents if anyone has complained about violations of Instagram’s policies.

“This is the first version of this tool; We will add more options over time, “he said in the post.

Mr Mosseri is due to appear before a Senate committee on Wednesday and is expected to raise questions about whether social media harms children and adolescents. Former Facebook product manager Francis Hogan said the app has come under renewed pressure since the leak of documents showing the company was aware that teenage girls felt bad about themselves because of Instagram.

Mr. In a blog post, Moseri said that Instagram is developing other changes for the safety of children. Users will no longer be able to tag or mention teens who do not follow them. The app is also releasing a feature for all its users in January that will allow them to delete their posts, comments and a large number of likes.

Mr. It was not clear if the lawmakers would be satisfied with Moseri’s announcement. “Meta Parent is trying to divert attention from the mistakes that consumers should have had using the guide, timer and content control features,” said Republican Senator Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee. “But my colleagues and I see exactly what they are doing.”

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Instagram is one of the leading tech platforms to explore changes in how children can use their products, thanks to new child safety guidelines in the UK. The app says it plans to ask some young users to go through a rigorous process to prove their age, but those features have not yet been added.

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