Is Letitia James running for governor of New York?

Is Letitia James running for governor of New York?
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Is Letitia James running for governor of New York?

Is Letitia James running for governor of New York?

“Many people have approached me regarding running for a higher position,” he said, even as he repeatedly insisted that his focus was on his current job.

But asked to portray those conversations, Ms. James did not shy away.

“That I consider it because of my leadership, because of my ability to speak truth to power, because of my experience and because of my ability to unite the state,” she said. “I’m still focused on the attorney general’s office, but I thank him for his comments.”

His remarks came after Junior spoke briefly at a gathering of the Brooklyn Democratic Party, a restaurant known for cheesecakes and political events.

The scene there offered one of the most vivid examples yet of how the Democratic primary has begun to take shape over the past week, with one looking at the nascent forms of the campaign trail.

Ms Hochul, the state’s first female governor, was also part of her breakneck public event, as she moves aggressively to try to consolidate a huge fundraising gain ahead of the primary. He spoke in front of both Ms. James and Jumane D. Williams, a New York City public advocate, who announced this week that they had formed an investigative committee and were considering their own run. (“Great job as a public advocate!” Ms. Hochul burst into tears.)

Ms Hochul, Ms James and Mr Williams circled through a room full of party workers and elected leaders, who cried for selfies and hugs between bites of fried eggs and sips of precariously balanced coffee cups. Mayor Bill de Blasio, also considered the weight of a run, was also released a day after he and other Bronx Democrats were in the House.

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It is possible that Ms. James may not eventually challenge Ms. Hochul. She has no history as a strong fund-raiser, although her allies hope that as the potential first black female governor in America, she will attract national attention and should be supported. She’ll also have to quit her current job to run for governor, and she might prefer to seek another term as attorney general instead—perhaps, given her recent activity.

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