Is Your Spotify Hacked? Tips to Protect Yourself from Attackers

Is Your Spotify Hacked? Tips to Protect Yourself from Attackers

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While conserving money is a good aim, however, there’s nothing honorable about somebody getting a free ride on your streaming music service subscription and saving some bucks. What is concerning regarding the Spotify account’s security is it is vulnerable to a variety of threats, including hackers and regular old criminals.

Every e-commerce site has experienced a security issue. For example, in 2016, Shopify was subjected to a Cyberattack in which hackers gained access to customer financial information. On the other hand, Shopify established its technology and began a bounty program with a team of cybersecurity professionals. As a result, Shopify has given nearly $850,000 in rewards to 300+ hacktivists to get into their system and identify flaws in its disk space and e-commerce network.

Per a survey by Hacker-powered cybersecurity, Shopify is now the most secure e-commerce site, with a reaction time of under three hours and a resolution of 25 days.

Can you get your Spotify hacked?

The straightforward answer to the question is yes. This might seem like a tremendous amount of work to maintain your accounts protected, but regaining control of it is just as tricky. Once it concerns account protection, spending the time to keep your account is well worth the effort.

What are the signs that your Spotify account has been hacked?

There can be numerous signs that your Spotify account has been compromised. Few of the signs include,

  1. Your password is no longer valid.
  2. Your email id has changed.
  3. ‘Recently played’ does not appear right.
  4. You have no influence over the music that is playing.
  5. Your subscription has changed.
  6. Another Fb account has been linked to yours.
  7. You are receiving emails regarding login details you do not recognize.

How do I make my spotify account more secure?

1.    Create a Secure Password

Using a highly complex passcode is the most fundamental action you could take to safeguard any account. A lengthy password with various character kinds is far harder to break and is not readily anticipated, as you probably know. Furthermore, choosing a solid password prevents someone from breaking into several domains if one site is hacked.

2.    2-factor authentication should be turned on If You Register to Facebook

You will not be able to reset your Spotify passwords if you join up with your Fb account Whichever (2FA) options you employ on Fb, on the other hand, will secure the Spotify account too.

When you have not done so, go through the procedures to enable two-factor authentication for Fb. As a result, the Spotify account would be protected since you will require your Fb 2FA technique for using Spotify on every new device.

Spotify web player does not yet support two-factor verification. If you are using your Fb to sign in for Spotify, you must use 2FA, but you will not have this choice if you’re using a different account for Spotify. Presumably, this will be added shortly by the company.

3.    Use VPN

Many attacks that connect directly to your IP would be protected by a VPN such as VeePN. Nevertheless, a VPN may provide you with superior security when it comes to protecting your data on the internet. As a result, possessing one reduces your risk of being hacked online.

Additionally, your Internet access is transferred to a host in another country when you use a VPN. The host then issues you with a given IP address. It deceives Spotify into believing you are located in another nation. As a result, you may now listen to tracks that were earlier greyed off. As a result, you can listen to music anywere! You can try out a free trial before the purchasing.

4.    Restrict Access to Unnecessary Third Parties

Spotify music is compatible with a wide range of apps and services due to its widespread use. PlayStation (which allows you to listen to music while playing games), Shazam (which will enable you to store tagged tracks to a collection), and others. For using Spotify with all these applications, you must first login and approve your subscription.

With time, you may have permitted certain apps to utilize your User account that you no longer wish. Select Applications on the bottom left of the spotify charts account settings to see what is available.

This will display all of the applications you have linked throughout time, as well as a brief description of each.

You must review this regularly to ensure that only trustworthy applications have access to the account.

Do not approve any new applications unless you are sure they are safe.

5.    Staying logged in on unsecured devices is a bad idea.

If you use Spotify on a shared device, such as a hostel or public computer, carefully check out after you are finished. You do not want random strangers following you and poking along after you move away, just as with any other account.

If you are using Spotify on the work pc or somewhere else where there are a group of users, make sure you close that when you leave it to avoid unwanted access.

6.    Ensure that the Spotify application is up to date.

Although Spotify is not as vulnerable to assaults as other susceptible programs, you must still update as soon as possible. However, you are protected from vulnerabilities in previous releases if you use the most recent version.

A dot will come in the top toolbar whenever the latest update is ready for the Spotify desktop. To resume the program and download the updates, click here, then select the Upgrade offered text. Also, if you do not do this, the upgrade will be installed the next moment Spotify is restarted.

To upgrade Spotify on the smartphone, go to the App Store and download the updates as you would every other application. Automatic updates must be set to default, mostly on recent devices. Thus there is nothing to be concerned about there.

Safeguarding Your Spotify Account

You now have a better understanding of the many tools and approaches available for keeping your Spotify account secure. While Spotify does not support 2-factor verification or recovery mechanisms such as a mobile number, using these safeguards would significantly improve your security.

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