Isha Deol returns with a dua: A dua actress Isha Deol away from movies

Isha Deol returns with a dua: A dua actress Isha Deol away from movies
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Isha Deol returns with a dua: A dua actress Isha Deol away from movies

Isha Deol returns with a dua: A dua actress Isha Deol away from movies

Actress Isha Deol is back on screen after a long hiatus with the short film ‘Ek Dua’. What is special is that he has also produced this film. In an exclusive interview with Navbharat Times, he revealed many secrets like distance from films, reason for his return and being a producer. Excerpts from the conversation:

You are back in acting after a long time. What is the reason for such a distance from the camera?
‘This distance was necessary because I was married, had children. The kids were small and I wanted to fully enjoy every stage of my life. I believe you women need to do the right things at the right time. For me as a woman, starting a family, giving them time, is just as important as my business. Every relationship should get that respect, time and attention, so I was busy with home, family, kids but it is said that an actor is always an actor, so now I felt I should give time to my first love. Then the kind of good offers I was getting, I thought they should do it.

Your film ‘Ek Dua’ raises an important issue of female feticide. You have also produced this film which has come to the Voice Select Short Film Festival. Why did you decide to accept this new responsibility?

‘This film is my small contribution to this big issue. It still happens but most people don’t talk about it. I am a girl myself. I also have two daughters, so people need to be made aware that this is not the right thing to do. I got an offer to work in this film. When this story was told, I cried even though I don’t cry easily. Still, I cried at the end of this story. This story touched my heart and I felt like I wanted to do more than just one actor in this movie. I want to make people aware of this problem so I thought if I created it I could show it the way I want. I also thought that whenever I would create something, it would be something like that, so my production house started.

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Do you feel inferior as a girl in your personal life?
‘Personally, it didn’t happen to me because since I was a child, no one would dare to talk to me like that. I made all my own decisions, whether it was right or not, but what kind of person I wanted to be, what was right for me or not, all these choices were my own. My personality is such that no one had the courage to feel that way, but it still happens in society today. Now, however, little is changing. People are giving girls the respect they deserve. Slowly it is happening. ‘

It is said that the mother is the most powerful. Have you ever felt the same way about being a mother?

‘That’s right. We women can multitask as much as no one else can. We get many responsibilities together at home and abroad. In Indian classical we do a dance called – Nari Shakti. In it we beautifully show how women multitask in different forms at the same time. Whether it’s a housewife, a mother, or a professional, it’s been a long time coming, not now. My mother herself used to work under our supervision in the 80s.

Will you be seen in more projects in the near future? Also, what are your plans as a producer?
I am currently launching a web series called ‘Rudra’. Very nice story for which I am very excited. There are other projects but they will speak after they are announced. I will continue to create but I want to make good stuff. I want to create things that will make a positive difference in people, that will inspire them.

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