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Jimmy Kimmel Thinks Marjorie Taylor Greene Needs an Education

Jimmy Kimmel Thinks Marjorie Taylor Greene Needs an Education
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Jimmy Kimmel Thinks Marjorie Taylor Greene Needs an Education

Jimmy Kimmel Thinks Marjorie Taylor Greene Wants an Schooling

“Oh, come on! The girl who denies college shootings is in command of the faculties? Why not simply appoint Surgeon Normal Joe Camel? ‘Warning: Smoking could make you dangerously cool.’” — STEPHEN COLBERT

“I ponder how it might go over with the Fox Information and Ted Cruz crew if Nancy Pelosi referred to as for Marjorie Taylor Greene to be executed and referred to as a teenage child ‘Hitler.’ You assume they’d have something to say? Effectively, it was the opposite means round, and guess what? Most of them don’t have anything to say. As a substitute they assigned her to the training committee — hoping, I assume, she would get one?” — JIMMY KIMMEL

“Within the midst of the devastating California wildfires of 2018, Marjorie Taylor Greene went on Fb and claimed that the actual and hidden perpetrator behind the hearth was a laser from house triggered by some nefarious group of individuals. Who began the hearth? To this point, the one individual we will rule out is Billy Joel — he’s obtained an hermetic alibi.” — STEPHEN COLBERT

“However claims like these require proof, proper? Effectively, right here’s Margie’s proof: ‘Oddly, there are all these individuals who have stated they noticed what regarded like lasers or blue beams of sunshine inflicting the fires.’ That’s an embarrassing approach to admit you’ve by no means heard of lightning.” — STEPHEN COLBERT

’After which the socialist lizard males shot jagged laser issues out of the cloud. And that angered the sky a lot it went ‘Roar!’ and the sky wept, after which, because of QAnon, the sky stopped crying and a rainbow appeared. And we shot it with our weapons as a result of rainbows are homosexual. The protection rests.’” — STEPHEN COLBERT

“So the place do these fictional house lasers come from? Effectively, in response to Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, it may have been a beam from ‘house photo voltaic turbines.’ A ‘house photo voltaic generator.’ So, the solar?” — STEPHEN COLBERT

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