Joe Root on the oval pitch

Joe Root on the oval pitch
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Joe Root on the oval pitch

Joe Root on the oval pitch

England may have lost the Oval Test against India but captain Joe Root says the pitch there was great for the Test match and he would love to see more such pitches in the home season and in the county circuit.

England lost to New Zealand at home in June this season and are now 1-2 behind in the ongoing five-match series against India.

The Oval’s wicket was initially useful to fast bowlers, then he began to help batsmen collect runs. On the fifth day too, the Indian bowlers bowled out the England batsmen to give the team a spectacular victory.

“The advantage of a home pitch will always be there,” Root told an online press conference here. Due to the weather in the country, rains can hamper the preparation of the pitch. But I believe I will encourage you to make a really good pitch.

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“If we want to be the best team in the world, we have to play on a good wicket that will be flat for a while. You also have to learn how to cope with the pressure on the scoreboard. “We also need to know how to cope with the pressure of a spin-off pitch at the end of a Test match,” he said.

It would also be unfavorable for England to prepare a grass pitch in the face of India’s best fast bowling attack. Root didn’t see the pitch prepared for the fifth Test but he has a good idea of ​​playing three times in Old Trafford last year.

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Before the fifth Test starts on Friday, Root said: ‘In our opinion, we want a situation like England. And let’s hope we get a similar situation this week.

Root said last week’s pitch is a great example of a good pitch for Tests and he would love to see similar wickets used in county cricket.

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“In the end, playing on a good wicket is a challenge. This is part of the challenge. It doesn’t matter what time of year you play. And if you watch the last Test, it was a great example.

“You got the seam and the swing in the first inning. Then it was useful to bat in the middle and then they started to reverse swing. I mean, it was all for everyone.

The match confirmed the return of Jose Butler as vice-captain, who had not played in the previous match. This will give one of Oli Pope and Johnny Bairstow a place in the playing XI.

Asked if India handled the pressure better in the series, Root disagreed.

He said, ‘In this series, both he and I couldn’t face him in half an hour during the match and it hurt us a lot. We would have taken a 3-0 lead without going back 1-2.

His batsmen should be hungry for big runs and he wants to improve the catch on the slip.

On Jaspreet Bumrah’s match-winning spell at the Oval, Root said his players were not intimidated by the Indian fast bowler as they played well against him in Leeds in which England won.

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Root said, ‘He cast an amazing spell. He is one of the best fast bowlers in the world. But in the first one match we played well against him. And I think it’s really important as a batting group that we remember that we had good success against them.


We would love to play on a pitch like The Oval, Root says (AFP photo)

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