Kajol Huge Crush On Akshay Kumar Before Ajay Devgan

Kajol Huge Crush On Akshay Kumar Before Ajay Devgan
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Kajol Huge Crush On Akshay Kumar Before Ajay Devgan

Kajol Huge Crush On Akshay Kumar Before Ajay Devgan

New Delhi. Actress Kajol is the most well-known actress in the Bollywood industry. He is known for his superb acting and bubbly style. The actress married actor Ajay Devgan. Very few people would know that Kajol had a crush on actor Akshay Kumar before giving heart to Ajay Devgan. This was disclosed by the famous film director Karan Johar. On which Kajol was seen laughing loudly. Let me tell you this powerful story.

Kajol was crazy about Akshay Kumar

Although actor Akshay Kumar still makes people crazy with his fitness and charming look, but in the earlier times, his passion was seen among girls. Akshay Kumar made girls crazy with his very first film. From mango to special, Akshay Kumar used to spend his life. One of which was also actress Kajol.

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kajol’s pole was exposed by karan johar

Akshay Kumar made Bollywood beauties crazy with his very first film. Kajol was also one of those girls who fell in love with Akshay Kumar. When Kajol saw Akshay Kumar for the first time, she was only giving her heart to him. This was disclosed by Karan Johar on TV’s most popular serial The Kapil Sharma Show.

Directors Karan Johar and Kajol had arrived as guests on Kapil’s show. Where Karan told that at a party, Kajol kept looking for Akshay Kumar after holding him. Akshay Kumar did not meet him but Kajol and he became good friends forever.

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Kapil Sharma laughed a lot

Kajol then stopped thinking about Akshay Kumar. When Ajay Devgan entered his life. While dating Ajay Devgan, Kajol completely forgot about Akshay. When Karan Johar was talking about Akshay Kumar and him on the show. Then Kajol was seen hiding her face in shame. Hearing this, the host of the show Kapil Sharma and the audience were seen laughing out loud and expressing surprise.

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