Kalyan Singh’s death: The story of Kalyan Singh’s return to the BJP

Kalyan Singh’s death: The story of Kalyan Singh’s return to the BJP
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Kalyan Singh’s death: The story of Kalyan Singh’s return to the BJP

Kalyan Singh’s death: The story of Kalyan Singh’s return to the BJP


  • Kalyan Singh had said that Prime Minister Modi’s leadership was decisive, claiming a big victory
  • Once Kalyan Singh left the BJP to form a new party, he said on his return – it was a mistake.
  • When he returned after establishing his party, Kalyan said, “I have sinned. I apologize to everyone.”

This is the year 2014. Kalyan Singh called a press conference at his residence on Mall Avenue. It was only a few months since he returned to the BJP and my experience of political reporting was only a few months. Kalyan praised Modi’s leadership and said that in 2014, the BJP would win by a landslide. I was waiting for his discussion to be completed and I shoot questions.

Kalyan was silent and I asked directly that you had told BJP a dead snake, now how do you hang it around your neck? The question simmered but Kalyan neither became aggressive nor ignored the question. The more aggressive my voice was, the better the response was. He said, ‘I was wrong, I sinned. I apologize again and again. After this, on his return to the BJP in Kalyan, he reiterated what he had said at the rally, ‘My only wish is that my body be wrapped in the BJP flag.’ In fact, exuberance and courtesy are a permanent expression of welfare politics. He used to say, ‘Power is not for revenge’.

The resignation of that one line written by Kalyan took the responsibility of tearing down the controversial structure and left the chair

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In 1998, the then Governor Romesh Bhandari dismissed the Kalyan Singh government and appointed Jagdambika Pal as the Chief Minister. Within 48 hours, Pal went on foot and Kalyan became CM again, a well known case. At that time R.S. Mathur was the Chief Secretary of UP and the only officer who was the Secretary to the two Chief Ministers, Pal and Kalyan at the same time. In his book, Craft of Politics: Power for Patronage, Mathur writes that Jagdambika Pal kept a copy of the court’s decision which made his appointment illegal. Besides, he was not ready to leave the Chief Minister’s office. On the other hand, some BJP MLAs were of the view that they should be forcibly evicted.

When Jagdambika Pal became the Chief Minister of one day
Meanwhile, some influential people said that orders should be issued from the Raj Bhavan to re-appoint Kalyan Singh as the Chief Minister. Asked by law officer NK Mahrotra, Mathur said that while the appointment of Jagdambika Pal was illegal, Kalyan Singh’s tenure was not broken. In such a situation, he remains the Chief Minister. The big question was how to convey the message to the media and the public that welfare has been restored. The pressure was so great that the system could go in the direction of chaos at any time.

Way out of the cabinet meeting
After deliberations, the way was paved and RS Mathur requested Kalyan Singh that if he convened a cabinet meeting, his press note would be issued, which would make the whole message clear. Kalyan accepted this easily and Jagdambika Pal also left the Chief Minister’s office. The maturity of a tall politician whose chief minister’s chair was forcibly snatched away averted a major crisis.

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The last wish remained unfulfilled .. After visiting the magnificent Ram temple, Kalyan Singh wanted to say goodbye to the world.

When told by the Chief Secretary – Stop this spectacle immediately
The then Governor Romesh Bhandari, who was the architect of Kalyan’s dismissal, went to Nainital (then Uttarakhand was not established) a few days after Kalyan returned to power. A mob of activists, angry over Bhandari’s decision, stopped his car and did not allow him to proceed. The local administration raised its hand, saying there was no advance notice of the governor’s arrival.

The governor expressed displeasure at the chief secretary
Romesh Bhandari called Chief Secretary RS Mathur and expressed his displeasure. Mathur had said that the other phone was from Chief Minister Kalyan Singh. His voice was louder than that of Romesh Bhandari. He said in clear words, ‘Stop this spectacle immediately, the dignity of the post should be respected in any case.’ Kalyan’s attitude made the officers sweat and in a short time the way was clear for the convoy of treasurers.

Always be ‘Babuji’ welfare of the workers
Even after reaching the heights of the sky, Kalyan never let go of the shadow of his feet and the humility on the ground. This is why he was always the babuji of the workers. When his throat was slit, the tears of thousands and millions of his supporters began to flow. When he roared from the stage, the roar of applause and applause became deaf. The era of great minds and ease in politics also ended with welfare.

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